Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Assignment x report no. 12

dear susan,

i can definitely understand your wife wanting

you to keep this private, because my wife has

the same concern. does she notice things like

that comment you mentioned, the time when you

were dressed up as Prince Charming, from the

fellow at work, about you being the campiest

bloke in the office?

thanks for the tips for buying makeup - that's

exactly the kind of help i need! i think that

you're right: once i'm "out of the closet" :)

with a particular salesgirl, then i won't feel

that embaressed, as long as she is accepting

(which she probably will be). so, for me, the

biggest hurdle is to figure out how to make

that initial encounter go as smoothly as


your point about cherry red lips and blue

eyeshadow is well taken - for me, that would

definitely be a private sissy look!

good luck with Roger - i'm be thinking of

you, today - pretty much right about now,

as a matter of fact!

*hugs and kisses*


--- susan rhodes  wrote:

> hi charmane


> i often get the feeling that my wife is just

> humoring my desire of all things female, rather than

> encouraging me down that road. i believe she is

> letting me indulge some of my fantasises, but she

> believes it to be more curiosity then an actual

> desire to dress as a women. i always stress how

> much of a good time i had when i have done something

> female, to let her know how good it makes me feel,

> maybe she just needs some more time to accept this.

> - e.g this morning she said "be very careful if you

> have to take your socks off as you have painted

> nails remember!" which is her way of saying "i

> don't mind you doing this in private, but not in

> public" i think.


> i think my wife looked upon the film as a "chick

> flick" rather than a crossdressing flick which it

> actually was!!


> as for make up - if you saw me all dolled up you

> would know that i know nothing about make up


> i would suggest that you dress smartly and

> exposing your sissy side as much as you dare

> (visible bra?, visible pantyhose? etc) and visit a

> large department store make up section. go at a

> quiet time (not at the end of the day when the

> assisstants will be wanting to get off home as soon

> as possible) and look for someone who is not busy.

> approach her section - most make up manufacturers

> have similar products - and have a look at the

> makeup. this will inevitably lead to the "can i

> help you sir? (or madam depending on how you are

> dressed)". at which point you should say that you

> are looking for some foundation type make up.


> explain your circumstances as much as you want

> (you don't know the girl so you aren't endagering

> yourself) or as little as you want (you may say that

> on a morning you come out very blotchy or in spots,

> and have early morning meetings, so could she

> suggest something to cover it up?? or ask for

> something to match your natural skin colour - she

> will probably try a few colours on you!!!!)


> or if you are really scared by this you could use

> the excuse that i used to buy my first foundation -

> i am doing an oil painting and your art class tutor

> has said that liquid foundation is excellant to use

> on a face (don't know if this is true, but the lady

> in the shop had never heard of it - cue much

> blushing!!!!!!)


> for a very light touch foundation type product, i

> would recommend Benefit Dr Feelgood, but it is a bit

> dearer than other cosmetics.


> as for your eyes, you can either but a multicolour

> kit and practice at home until you get a "nude" look

> perfected (you should be able to wear clear mascara

> without any problem) or visit a counter. i think

> that you would be better visiting a counter for

> foundation first, then eye colour (unless you are

> brave enough to ask for both at the same time).


> as you said, you will want to find the same girl,

> and if you have already been asking about

> foundation, then i am sure she will twig when you

> are looking at eye makeup.


> remember - once you are out of the closet (so to

> speak) with this girl, there will be no more

> embarresment, as she knows you want to wear makeup

> so if she gives you good advice she will get more

> sales! she may even suggest "would you like anything

> for your lips?" - be careful she may suggest

> everything!!!


> a few final tips i would give with regards to make

> up


> 1 practice practice practice

> 2 be understated, cherry red lips and bright blue

> eyeshadow may look very sissy, but no real women

> wears that type of make up at the moment.

> 3 have a read of fashion make up pages in the

> newspapers and on the net, they do give some good

> advice of what you may require, and if nothing else

> you can learn the terminology!!!


> thanks (and an invite to anyone else who has be

> reading our posts) i would be VERY interested in any

> scripts / ideas


> i think i may need an energy supplement this

> week!!!!


> love

> susan

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