Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Assignment X report Part 3

hi susan!

i just have time for a quick note to tell

you that i'm SO much enjoying your posts,

and i'm definitely wishing you success!

BTW, i agree, that lovely dress would be

a *perfect* reward!



--- susan rhodes wrote:

> hi charmane


> thanks for the reply, i really enjoyed what you

> have had to say, and it has made me proud that i

> have waited, sorry am waiting to do the assignment

> properly.


> as i have not been able to think of anything else

> since yesterday, i will let you know my plans for

> today (hopefully it is today as they have taken the

> money from my credit card!).


> i am currently dressed in a black thong with black

> hold up stockings underneath my work clothes (shirt,

> tie and trousers, male shoes). i put on some socks

> this morning, but i have just decided to take them

> off and i am now curently showing my stockings at my

> ankles as i am sat down. (at work all files are in

> the filing cabinets in the general office, so i hope

> that i won't have to get one from the bottom files

> as the stockings are of a type which do not really

> pass has socks - they are quite shear)


> when i get home at dinner time (about 3hours

> 22mins and 30 seconds to go, but who's counting?) i

> intend to attach my silicone breast forms to my

> chest, then put on a bra and strip to my underwear

> (stockings, bra, thong all black matching)


> i was going to get straight down to the new dildo,

> but i have decided to "spruce it up" a little by the

> following.

> i am going to suck on my "realistic" dildo

> (wearing lipstick of course) for 10 minutes, to

> "warm" by boyfriend up. i will then let him have my

> way (using the new dildo) in the three positions as

> directed, i will then suck him clean (switching

> dildos).


> in order that i don't lose any of my cum (assuming

> that i manage to cum) i am thinking about putting on

> a condom, which i will then turn inside out as i

> suck my "boyfriend" clean. this i hope will also

> help remind me not to touch my boyclit during this

> lovemaking.


> can't think of anything else now, i NEED this

> badly.


> susan


> just a note to add what happenend yesterday, as my

> dildo didn't come, i set about sucking on my

> realistic dildo with a passion like never before.

> It probably wasn't the best blow job i had given the

> dildo ( i was gipping a few times as i deep throated

> it), but IT WAS the most passionate. if it had been

> a real man, he wouldn't have lasted the 20mins for

> sure, probably not even 5!!


> i was at it like my life depended on it, and i

> have to say that i thoroughly enjoyed it.


> i often have difficulty eating my cum (as i know

> many sissys do directly after orgasm), but i could

> have eaten gallons of the stuff yesterday, and i

> didn't clean my teeth, so i went back to work with

> cum breath!


> in fact it has slightly changed my point of view


> i was thinking "can't wait to get off using my new

> dildo", now it is "what if i don't come????, can i

> stand anymore??" and i have read a few posts where

> other sissys have said that a sissy is just there

> for the enjoyment of others, so i now think that if

> i don't come then i will make sure that my sucking

> dildo does!! my thinking on this is that

> sometimes real women don't have an orgasm, but their

> boyfriends do, so this sissy should be willing to

> accept that.



> why won't that clock go any faster?????


> p.s. thanks for the tip - i will take some rubber

> bands home with me just in case.


> oh and one more thing - keep an eye on the news

> for a 35 year old man dressed in womens clothes

> arrested for indecently assaulting a carrot!!!!


Charmane said...


I don't know if anyone else is enjoying this, but I definitely am!

Hugs and kisses,

Tiffany said...

oh yes.. yes indeed

Can't wait for the next few posts to see how she gets on.

Also stay tuned on my blog for my first attempts at cumming from being fucked