Monday, June 13, 2011

Assignment x report no.6


i only have a few minutes now, but i wanted

to tell you that i found your description of

doing Bruce *very hot*. that afterglow that

you mentioned - that sounds fascinating. i

don't think that i have ever experienced

anything like that, at least not that i've

noticed. please stay aware of that feeling

and keep me posted!

i think that calling up the shop to ask

about trying on the dress sounds like a

smart idea. the worst that would happen,

i suppose, is that they say "no", and, when

you go in anyway to buy the dress, they'll

all know who the sissy was who called!

but they would know anyway who you were

buying the dress for, so what would be lost?



--- susan rhodes  wrote:

> it looks like roger has gone right off me as he has

> not turned up today either.

how like a man! :) either he's stopped by the

pub for a few, or else he's gotten lost and

won't ask for directions! :):)

> a quick note to say that a mailshot man nearly got

> an eyeful


> i had come home, got dissapoointed that roger had

> not turned up, but decided to console myself and see

> Bruce. i attached by breast forms (no bra), and had

> on holdups and a black thong. i realised that i

> hadn't any frozen cum except in the garage freezer,

> so i decided to put on a black shirt, my back zip

> black trousers and couldn't decide about wearing my

> heels. i opened the door with my heels on and

> looked out, saw a women with a child and quickly

> shut the door.


> i decided then that some slippers may be more

> appropriate (just in case - we live in a corner plot

> and the garage is round the side and our neighbours

> were in) and as i was putting them on i saw someone

> approach the door. Rogers Here at last!! i squeeled

> with delight and thinking that the postman may have

> trouble pushing Roger through the letterbox i flung

> the door open without a care in the world. the

> mailshot man just glanced at me and said "Oh!". i

> am not sure if he realised what i was wearing.


> still feeling brave i then walked to the garage

> while the mailshot man was next door, and i know he

> looked over again. Pity he didn't come back and

> knock!!!!!!!!!

you are SO daring!

> i am now off to get slutted up for Bruce

you go, girl!

> Love susan

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