Friday, June 17, 2011

Assignment x report No. 9

dear susan,

this conniving, sadistic bitch hereby gives you

special dispensation to stay in *any* position

for *any* length of time! :D

(a serious aside - i had never intended the 5

minutes to *limit* how much time was spent in

any given position; i'd thought of them as

*minimums*. also, i'd thought of the assignment

as *introducing* these various positions; after

being introduced to them, one could them as a

basis for further exploration, and perhaps find

*other* positions that work better. so treat

the times and positions in the assignment very

liberally. i'll review the assignment to see

how i should word it differently to get this

across; if you have any suggestions please let

me know.)

i applaud your determination to continue with

this assignment! it could be, as you say, that

you may succeed with Bruce where you couldn't

with Roger! (but somehow, talking about being

"Bruced" doesn't sound quite the same. :))

in fact, i had been planning to use *that* as

the basis for another assignment. after all,

a sissy must be careful to practice safe sex

when necessary. and, as you know, it's not

safe to take something from your sissypussy and

put it into your mouth! so, Bruce is going to

need a condom. and i think that you can

imagine how i'm going to tell you to put that

condom on him! that's right - good sissy! :)

Bruce definitely sounds like one lucky guy!

and i love what you did with his photo!

have fun this weekend! i hope that you're

planning to give your wife a lot of pampering

this weekend as a reward! (remember what i'd

said about the power of positive


*hugs and kisses*


--- susan rhodes wrote:

> Hi charmane


> as you can probably tell from the title i didn't

> manage to cum this morning either.


> as i was mounting Roger i was encouraging myself

> to cum, and i do think that i came closer than

> yesterday. it is on my knees that i manage to get

> the closest, i drape my chest over a suitcase and go

> for it. when my timer went off fo the 5 minutes in

> this position i thought "What kind of sadistic bitch

> would only allow us sissys 5 minutes in each

> position?"


> After reading your message and confession i

> realise charmane that you truely are a caniving

> sadistic bitch who loves to watch us sissys suffer

> by *nearly* getting what we so desperately crave,

> but not giving us enough time to actually manage

> it!!!!!!!


> only joking


> (about the watching part!!!! )



> anyway, i tried this morning and failed, BUT i did

> have some good news (as such) last night which may

> help me to manage it next week!!!



> My wife as started her period, so there will be no

> sex on saturday night (but our girly night is still

> going ahead!)


> But, due to my wife been home etc, i will not be

> able to have another go at Roger until Monday

> morning, which will mark the start of 5 days of

> Rogering!! (why oh why didn't it click i'll never

> know - i was going to call it Jason, but changed my

> mind at the last minute)


> i am renewing and enforcing my efforts not to cum

> unless it is by Roger. To this end, i am going to

> TRY to stop reading any erotic stories and touching

> myself at all over the weekend. although i think

> saturday night may be hard.


> this must be possible i have to believe it!!!, if

> i haven't cum after next friday morning, i am going

> to let Bruce have his way on Friday lunchtime - he

> is much bigger and may just hit the spot!!! - if

> Bruce doesn't then nothing will!!!!!!


> Oh - and i need a new biscuit tin, as todays

> efforts have almost completely wiped out my existing

> one - i ws going at it that hard.



> Everything is still on for tomorrow night - toe

> and fingernails, makeup, with the possibility of

> shaving -i reminded my wife and she said that she

> may call and get some shaving mousse. i said i

> would get it (i already have some from a previous

> attempt a couple of years ago) but she said that i

> would probably bring back hair mousse so i should

> leave it to her. there is a light that i may have

> my legs shaved or at least part of them.


> i also asked her for a sexy babydoll type nightie

> that i can wear. at first she just laughed, but

> after a bit of cojolling i think she is getting me

> one today.


> my own sexy nightie, pedicure, manicure, make up

> and (possibly) shaved legs - i wil need all my

> resolve not to cum


> by the way i am still going to get dressed up and

> pleasure Bruce at dinnertime, just because i really

> want to. Bruce, Bruce Bruce, just saying the name

> is getting me aroused (far more aroused than Roger).

> what a lucky man he is. i wake up to Roger, but

> make a special journey just to pleasure Bruce.


> got to go now, work is calling


> *hugs and kisses*


> susan


> p.s. after i had printed the picture of Bruce, i

> wrote on it "to Bruce, love Susan" and kissed it

> leaving a perfect lipstick mark.

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