Friday, June 10, 2011

Assignment x report Part 5


don't fret about it. i'm frankly

surprised that it hadn't happened

earlier. and, as you said, there

was no earth-shattering orgasm,

just a release of built-up cum.

i'm still crossing my fingers and

hoping that things go off well

with Roger!



--- susan rhodes wrote:

> hi charmane

> it just happened


> i had composed the email below but did not have

> time to send it, most of that still stands though.



> i was reading a story and i touched myself for

> about 2 seconds, literally, it was that quick. i

> felt the sap rising and just froze. a voice in my

> head shouted Nooooooooo, but it was too late.


> I felt some cum, let me rephrase that i felt a LOT

> of cum spill out of me into my underwear. however

> there was no earth shattering orgasm that went with

> it.


> i quickly ran to the toilet and gathered as much

> as i could up and ate it. the taste of this fresh

> cum was nothing short of MARVELLOUS. i usually

> struggle to eat my cum after ejaculation (but i am

> trying to do so more often), but this time, whether

> it was the fact that i hadn't cum for a long time

> and i was just so horny for it, or that i didn't

> have a *proper* male orgasm i don't know, but i just

> dived into eating it like i did with Bruce.


> the fresh taste was lovely and i swilled it around

> on my tongue. i have never really liked the taste

> of cum, but this time it was beautiful.


> the strange thing was that i was still erect after

> this, so i am trying to look upon this as my body

> just having to release some cum, rather than an

> orgasm. there was no warm afterglow (see below)


> i am disappointed with myself though. i believe

> that the longer i went without cumming, the easier

> it would be with Roger (the name for my new dildo -

> Roger must have got lost on his way, maybe i should

> buy him satnav!!)


> i have cum now and that is that. i still feel the

> urge to do this properly, and struggled to sleep

> last night, so maybe i would have had a wet dream

> anyway.



> i will answer the other points in your email

> shortly, but i have had to do some work this morning

> and cannot get onto the pc


> and besides a couple of things i am consoling

> myself with

> 1) does every real women have an orgasm the first

> time?

> 2) does a real women have an orgasm every time?


> this sissy should accept the above and deal with

> it



> hi charmane


> i would just like to tell you how i felt after my

> last cocksucking session.


> as you are aware, my dildo didn't turn up and

> hence i couldn't follow your assignment. i am

> DESPERATELY trying to do this and it has been the

> focus of all of my thoughts since about half way

> through my holiday when i really decided to put all

> of my efforts into completing your assignment

> (although judging by the posts i may be the only

> one).


> at the moment this means everything to me and i am

> so grateful for your comments and support. without

> you i think i may have taken the easy route out of

> my frustrated state.


> i am even thinking more and more about a reward,

> but after reading the assignment again my reward

> would be cumming (IF i can manage it - i have a

> feeling that my timer will run out as i just get

> myself going!!!), and i have to carry out this

> assignment for a whole week every morning, so it may

> be a while before i get any reward!! (i was thinking

> of ringing the shop with the nice dress and asking

> if they had my size and if they minded a TV going

> into the shop and trying on a dress - this would

> then become a task of its own - hope i don't know

> anyone who works there!!!?)


> anyway, as stated in my last email, i was done up

> to the nines when i took of hold of my dildo

> (Bruce).


> i kissed Bruce on the top and slowly took him into

> my mouth. i then set a timer going to remind me

> every 5 mins to stop and touch up my lipstick. i

> started by kneeling against a bed and looking into a

> mirror, bobbing my head up and down on Bruce. My

> long lasting lipstick actually stayed on quite well

> when i eventually had to touch it up at 5mins. i

> don't think i let it dry onto my lips though, as

> from then on, the colour started to clump up (or it

> may have been the pace at which i was going)


> at 10 minutes and after about 6 times deep

> throating, i changed position and redid my lipstick.


> i leant my mirror on a small box (which i knelt

> astride) and fixed Bruce to my mirror. i had a

> great view of my lips around the cock and it was

> easier to deep throat in this position. then i

> found a newish trick, i kept my head still and moved

> the mirror back and forth - wow.


> on 15mins i remained in the same position, new

> lipstick and carefully sucked my now melted cum off

> Bruce, until there was only a little bit in the wine

> glass, which i then drank and swilled around my

> mouth. i then continued sucking until 20mins was up.

> i managed to take the full length of Bruce right

> down my throat on several occasions straight after

> each other, i.e."take this bitch all way down your

> throat and again and again" it was wonderful


> afterwards, when i cleaned up and went back to

> work, all i could taste was cum, and this has lasted

> for at least 4 hours!!! i must have bad breath to

> anyone who can't recognise the smell!!


> the main reason i am writing this though, is to

> inform you af the feeling i felt afterwards. I went

> on the net and read a few of my favourite stories

> again, and managed to keep my hands off my boyclit.


> after about 10mins i returned to work and felt a

> very mellow glow, that is hard to describe. i felt

> very relaxed and happy. all i did was suck a dildo

> for 20mins and eat some frozen cum. i had no

> visible signs that i had cum myself (only a little

> precum), and i felt no earth shattering orgasm or

> any other orgasm for that matter. just mellow

> relaxed and happy.


> i was very chilled out, and i wonder in my mind if

> this is because i have just pleasured a *man* or was

> it the chemicals in my cum?


> why am i so happy and mellow after 20minutes of

> sucking a dildo with no relief for myself??


1 comment:

KIRCEDES said...

After reading your post.
I am certain it was not the chemicals in the cum that gave you the most relaxed and Mellow.

It was pleasing Bruce. The accomplishment of multiple deepthroats and in general sucking a cock is just good for sissys.

That My opinion, good work and keep up the training.

Miss KC