Monday, November 17, 2014

my first poll

i have just added my first poll to the right hand side of this blog.  please take the time to vote as i do value your opinion.

i have been thinking about my hot new dress and i have realised that i have a bit of dilemma as to what to wear with it.

i am currently trying to arrange a meet with another man for some sissy sex, and of course i want to "blow him away" with my new dress.  so here is my dilemma.  i know that real men love to see stockings on a girl.  i do think the dress is a bit tight to wear suspenders as the clips would show, so it does have to be hold ups.

however, my sexiest shoes are some black 5.5 inch high peep toe (see previous post about 18 months ago) and some nude pumps with a 5" heel.  i also have a pair of black court shoes with a 4" heel.

now when i look at fashion models etc. wearing a similar dress, the real girls don't seem to wearing any hosiery, just some black heels (usually strappy sandals), a look that i can replicate with my peep toe heels.  i am planning on shaving my legs anyway.

however i know that men like stockings.  but do stockings go with peep toe (my thoughts are not really) but i am asking for help.

if not do i need to get some shoes to wear with stockings, or will i get away with my nude pumps or oldish black courts.

i love having sissy dilemmas!!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Hi all,

this is just a post to reflect on a bit of an abnormal day for me.  i am not going flesh out all the whys etc. but the following did happen...

1) A sissygasm
As i have not cum since before the start of october (doing my bit for Stoptober), i have been quite horny on occasions, although not as horny as some of you may think (once you get past the few couple of weeks, not having an orgasm is not that bad).

Anyway, i digress - on the weekends so far i have been using my aneros for about 20-30 mins to see if i can cum like a girl.  on the last 3 occasions this has not worked, although it has been pleasurable.

i was reading a few tumblr blogs that have hot men in them ( i try to associated any sexual exploits with naked men if possible), as i was trying to achieve the hands-free orgasm that the aneros can provide.  however, this reading lead me onto reading about milking, and i read an article on how to milk yourself with an aneros if you were not patient enough for hte hands free version.

As i read this, it basically said grab the aneros and do the motion yourself with your hands rather than try to stimulate it with your "pussy".

i didn;t have much time so that it what i did, and after a failed attempt where i came close, i did manage an anal orgasm, or a sissygasm as i have heard it referred to (i like that phrase).  I was not hard, but spurted quite a bit of pale liquid around as my body shook and convulsed.  i did eat it all up as well if you were going to ask.

i was shaking for about 20 minutes afterwards.  having a sissygasm was fun, and i doubt it will be my last, i had just not thought of trying this.  i had tried to "hit the spot" on many occasions with my dildo and i have succeeded, but this was much easier.


Later in the day.......

As mentioned in a previous post, i had ordered a new dress that i had carefully chosen.  i was very turned on and enjoyed the whole selection process of finding a dress.  i never get that excited thinking about mens clothes.

wholesale Glamorous Ruffle Decorated Round Neck Knee Length Dress Black

the above is a picture of the dress.

what i did manage to do today was try the dress on.  very quickly.

all i can say is wow, wow, wow.

it is absolutely awesome, it is made from stretchy nylon,  and the style is "sheath", but i didn't quite realise how figure hugging it would be.
it took me a few attempts to fasten the rear zipper all the way up (i hope a man can help me out of it!!), but once i had it on i was like wow, wow, wow.

it is quite tight, and as it is knee length, it is a bit restrictive, which only adds to the glamour and feel for me.  i looked at myself in it and then spun around - i was unfortunately not looking in a full length mirror, but i knew i looked good - i just felt it.

i was also physically shaking with the wow factor of the dress and how i looked and how it felt on me.  i don't think i have ever physically shook when putting on any piece of clothing until now.  this must mean i like it!!!

i can't wait until i have time to dress up properly, do my makeup and put on this dress.  i will take some photos then.

Did i mention that i like the dress??

Friday, November 14, 2014

almost busted again, but then busted (i think)

So as i am in a very girly mood, i think my girly side is leaking into my everyday life more and more.

At work i am wearing a tinmted lip balm and panties where possible. i am also looking at sissy porn on my phone (hunky men and other sissy blogs) while i have not cum in quite a while now.

So a couple of incidents happened this last week......

As my colleague was talking on the phone to the IT dept he said one of the other employees wanted an iphone.  at this point i said i did too.

The IT guy said for me to shut up and "why doesn't he just come out and stop using the wife as a smoke screen"

i blushed bright red immediately.

while they were still on the phone i went to the toilet, passing the IT dept.  i popped my head in the door and said tot he other IT guy that i wanted a fuchia iphone in a joking manner. what i didn't realise was that i was stood in t he doorway with my hands on my hips in a very unmanly pose.  This was totally natural to me and i hadn't thought anything of it until they looked at me and commented again - telling me to just go as i would not win!!!

so i was almost outed.....

until later in the day when i returned home.........

like many of you who do not have an understanding partner, i have a secret stash of my female clothes.  Until recently this has always been in the loft, but is now in the garage so i can access it easier.

However over the past 6 weeks or so i brought a few pair of panties and my chastity belt (the pink CB6000 - i will post more about chastity later) in tot he house and hid them in a set of drawers i have in "my bathroom" (i use the house bathroom, the wife uses the en-suite)

Now my bathroom does not cleaned as much as the other, but usually gets a once over every couple of weeks or so, but these drawers never get touched, hence the hiding place!!

However after wearing a pair of panties from this lot, i took them off and realised that the other items that were in the drawer with the panties (and the chastity belt which was in the drawer below) had been cleaned out and all that was left was my girly things.....

My wife has not yet commented on this, and i am not going to bring it up, but i have been busted!

Hopefully it will lead to some panties under the christmas tree......

Friday, November 07, 2014

Hi Girls,

just a quick post to say i have not disappeared from the planet or anything.  i have pretty much run out of things to say!

for the record i have done Stoptober - i gave up cumming.  it was hard to begin with, but now not so much.  it has been about 38 days or so since my last orgasm.  honestly at the moment i am not missing them, but sometimes find that if i have time alone i have nothing to do!!

however, i have ordered a new chastity device to help me out with this, and a new dress to treat myself.  this is the dress, but i am not sure it will look anything as nice on me.......

wholesale Glamorous Ruffle Decorated Round Neck Knee Length Dress Blackwholesale Glamorous Ruffle Decorated Round Neck Knee Length Dress Black

i am hoping it adds a bit of "girly girl" to soften out my masculinity (or what is left of it!!)

Monday, August 11, 2014

#2 Female Appreciation

The idea of this seminar is to introduce you as to what you should be looking at when you see a female

I suspect that currently when you see what is considered to be a young attractive woman you will think she is hot and /or sexy.

You notice her ass, her breasts, her legs and possibly her hair before you see her eyes and smile.

However, this needs to change.  This seminar is intended to be a guide to how to view woman so you can learn from them and become a better sissy - you do want to become a better sissy don't you?

Seminar Topic

So when you look at females from now on you need to appreciate  the trouble she has gone to.  for the first couple of weeks you need to study their mannerisms, how they walk, how they talk, how they carry their hands etc.

But this stage should not last too long before you move to the important clothing appreciation.

When you see an attractive woman in public, you must de-sexualise her from your brain so you can look at her and learn.

You need to disassociate your sexual urges from looking at the girl and focus on the important things you should be looking at.

So when you do see any girl you should look at the clothes she is wearing, not her "assets".

You need to be able to describe what she is wearing, what looks good about the clothes and what doesn't, although the "doesn't bit will not be relevant for a while until you have more experience of woman's clothing and how to put an outfit together (a future seminar will detail this)

You need to focus on the little details, so you can describe to your tutor what a particular girl was wearing in detail.

for example, in the picture above, the girl is wearing a royal blue dress that finishes mid-thigh.  the dress is quite form fitting with short puff sleeves a rounded v-neck and a peplum.  The girl accessorises this with a white clutch, large white bracelet and several strings of pearls.

You must not focus on anything sexual, in fact after time you should be able to look at 10 photos, describe the outfits and not even notice how big the girls breasts are.  This will come in time if you practice.

This does not stop at fully clothed girls.  If you see a naked girl (but come on, do not kid yourself!!), focus on her make-up.  if she only has underwear on, then focus on the colour, style and type of bra etc.

looking at fashion websites and magazines will help a lot with this and you should factor in some time for this.  Maybe instead of looking at sport on the internet, spend that time looking at fashion.

After a couple of weeks you should be walking down the street with your head buzzing, just describing what females are wearing.  If possible, try to remember or find out where some of the outfits come from.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


So girls, as described earlier, here is the first post......
Any fedback would be appreciated but not necessary.  I am not sure when i will post the next one, but i do want to get 2 or 3 in front.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hi Girls,

now i know that you have all forgotten about me, but i do have a few poststo make and share with you all.

I have long been an admirer of sissy assignments and a progression of how a male should change into a female.  I have thought long about this and i know i have changed fromt he timid little sissy trying on his mums panties, tot he sissy who has sucked a cock and bent over for a man.

I feel i am in the position to share a little with the more inexperienced of you, so i decide to write SSS - Susan's Sissy Seminars!!!

This is a series of short information posts about how to see things from a womans perspective (hopefully) and how to learn about womans clothing and sexuality.

I hope you enjoy them, please provide any feedback as necessary so i can improve.

Also future topics that you would like to see, although i do have a list i may have missed something off.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Write for me

Hi Girls,

just a quick post regarding a website i discovered while browsing milovana.

It is not really sissy related, but is / can be femdom related and can be useful as a punishment or maybe even soem help an motivation.

the website is called write for me

you do not have to sign up to use it (i haven't) - just click on public tasks.

what is it i hear you ask?

it is a type of punishment software that is the modern version of doing lines at school.  you have to type a particular sentance over and over without mistakes.

make a mistake and more lines can be added or letters substituted, take too long same again.

it can be very difficult and devious - try it out!!!


for any Mistresses or MAsters reading this blog - why not set up some tasks for your little ones...???

Friday, March 21, 2014

Male Bulges

Hi Girls,
i am still around and i have been working on something to post here, and that will hopefully be uploaded in the future.

as for me and my turn ons, i don't know what it is (well i do actually!!), but i have been getting very turned on by looking at men.

for a while now i have only ever cum while looking at a picture of a man or a nice cock, so that may have something to do with it, but outside of that i currently have a fascination for men in underwear showing off a nice bulge such as the following:

and one that did make my eyes water a little!!!

Recently i opened the morning newspaper and saw a feature about David Beckham and him posing in his underwear.  It included several photos, including one similar to the following.

I have to say that i was very turned on, and my panties were wet from pre-cum, without me actually getting hard.

the life of a sissy!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A view you all want

Hi girls

yes i am still here, yes i am still a sissy, but no i don't have time to dress, only to dream at the moment.

As mentioned in a previous post i was looking for some decent femal point of view porn to help sissify how i see myself having sex.

The search was not entirely fruitful although i did find a couple of gems, including the following.

i bet you all wish it was you!!

you are most welcome.....!!!!!