Monday, November 17, 2014

my first poll

i have just added my first poll to the right hand side of this blog.  please take the time to vote as i do value your opinion.

i have been thinking about my hot new dress and i have realised that i have a bit of dilemma as to what to wear with it.

i am currently trying to arrange a meet with another man for some sissy sex, and of course i want to "blow him away" with my new dress.  so here is my dilemma.  i know that real men love to see stockings on a girl.  i do think the dress is a bit tight to wear suspenders as the clips would show, so it does have to be hold ups.

however, my sexiest shoes are some black 5.5 inch high peep toe (see previous post about 18 months ago) and some nude pumps with a 5" heel.  i also have a pair of black court shoes with a 4" heel.

now when i look at fashion models etc. wearing a similar dress, the real girls don't seem to wearing any hosiery, just some black heels (usually strappy sandals), a look that i can replicate with my peep toe heels.  i am planning on shaving my legs anyway.

however i know that men like stockings.  but do stockings go with peep toe (my thoughts are not really) but i am asking for help.

if not do i need to get some shoes to wear with stockings, or will i get away with my nude pumps or oldish black courts.

i love having sissy dilemmas!!!!!

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