Sunday, November 16, 2014


Hi all,

this is just a post to reflect on a bit of an abnormal day for me.  i am not going flesh out all the whys etc. but the following did happen...

1) A sissygasm
As i have not cum since before the start of october (doing my bit for Stoptober), i have been quite horny on occasions, although not as horny as some of you may think (once you get past the few couple of weeks, not having an orgasm is not that bad).

Anyway, i digress - on the weekends so far i have been using my aneros for about 20-30 mins to see if i can cum like a girl.  on the last 3 occasions this has not worked, although it has been pleasurable.

i was reading a few tumblr blogs that have hot men in them ( i try to associated any sexual exploits with naked men if possible), as i was trying to achieve the hands-free orgasm that the aneros can provide.  however, this reading lead me onto reading about milking, and i read an article on how to milk yourself with an aneros if you were not patient enough for hte hands free version.

As i read this, it basically said grab the aneros and do the motion yourself with your hands rather than try to stimulate it with your "pussy".

i didn;t have much time so that it what i did, and after a failed attempt where i came close, i did manage an anal orgasm, or a sissygasm as i have heard it referred to (i like that phrase).  I was not hard, but spurted quite a bit of pale liquid around as my body shook and convulsed.  i did eat it all up as well if you were going to ask.

i was shaking for about 20 minutes afterwards.  having a sissygasm was fun, and i doubt it will be my last, i had just not thought of trying this.  i had tried to "hit the spot" on many occasions with my dildo and i have succeeded, but this was much easier.


Later in the day.......

As mentioned in a previous post, i had ordered a new dress that i had carefully chosen.  i was very turned on and enjoyed the whole selection process of finding a dress.  i never get that excited thinking about mens clothes.

wholesale Glamorous Ruffle Decorated Round Neck Knee Length Dress Black

the above is a picture of the dress.

what i did manage to do today was try the dress on.  very quickly.

all i can say is wow, wow, wow.

it is absolutely awesome, it is made from stretchy nylon,  and the style is "sheath", but i didn't quite realise how figure hugging it would be.
it took me a few attempts to fasten the rear zipper all the way up (i hope a man can help me out of it!!), but once i had it on i was like wow, wow, wow.

it is quite tight, and as it is knee length, it is a bit restrictive, which only adds to the glamour and feel for me.  i looked at myself in it and then spun around - i was unfortunately not looking in a full length mirror, but i knew i looked good - i just felt it.

i was also physically shaking with the wow factor of the dress and how i looked and how it felt on me.  i don't think i have ever physically shook when putting on any piece of clothing until now.  this must mean i like it!!!

i can't wait until i have time to dress up properly, do my makeup and put on this dress.  i will take some photos then.

Did i mention that i like the dress??


Wendy Girl said...

Sounds wonderful. I love finding just the right thing to wear. It makes me feel so good about myself. I'm interested in your sissygasm. What's the motion you are referring to?

susanrhodes said...

the motion i am referring to is grabbing the aneros and rocking backwards and forwards. it is a bit like a girl would "diddle" her clit, moving the aneros up and downso it presses onto your prostrate. it is the motion you do when you are hands free, only this time it is hands on and faster.

Anonymous said...

What a mucky girl you are! I'm sure you look super sexy in your new dress...!