Friday, November 07, 2014

Hi Girls,

just a quick post to say i have not disappeared from the planet or anything.  i have pretty much run out of things to say!

for the record i have done Stoptober - i gave up cumming.  it was hard to begin with, but now not so much.  it has been about 38 days or so since my last orgasm.  honestly at the moment i am not missing them, but sometimes find that if i have time alone i have nothing to do!!

however, i have ordered a new chastity device to help me out with this, and a new dress to treat myself.  this is the dress, but i am not sure it will look anything as nice on me.......

wholesale Glamorous Ruffle Decorated Round Neck Knee Length Dress Blackwholesale Glamorous Ruffle Decorated Round Neck Knee Length Dress Black

i am hoping it adds a bit of "girly girl" to soften out my masculinity (or what is left of it!!)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, can we see a pic once you've tried it on?

susanrhodes said...

no problem - as soon as i get chance to dress up i take some pics. i hope it makes me look as feminine as i am hoping.