Monday, October 19, 2009

Hi all i have returned from a business conference and i have to tell you all about the girl who gave part of the presentation.

she was about 26yrs old, straight long auburn hair, wearing a button through shirt dress and small cardigan. the dress flared out a little over her nude 15 denier nylons and she had some t-bar sandals about 3" high.

she wore very little make-up, touch of eye shadow, lipgloss and mascara. she was not stunning, but not ugly either, more of a girl next door. however, she was sooooo feminine.
her hand and arm movements, sitting, walking talking - her femininity was captivating (by me anyway) and i actually heard little of what she said as i tried to watch her mannerisms so i could learn more. i have studied other girls in the past, but this one was amazingly feminine.
p.s. after re-reading this i think i must be a sissy now - would a real man be able to describe someone like the above!!!