Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hi Girls,

now i know that you have all forgotten about me, but i do have a few poststo make and share with you all.

I have long been an admirer of sissy assignments and a progression of how a male should change into a female.  I have thought long about this and i know i have changed fromt he timid little sissy trying on his mums panties, tot he sissy who has sucked a cock and bent over for a man.

I feel i am in the position to share a little with the more inexperienced of you, so i decide to write SSS - Susan's Sissy Seminars!!!

This is a series of short information posts about how to see things from a womans perspective (hopefully) and how to learn about womans clothing and sexuality.

I hope you enjoy them, please provide any feedback as necessary so i can improve.

Also future topics that you would like to see, although i do have a list i may have missed something off.


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