Monday, June 20, 2011

assignment x report no. 10

dear susan,

--- susan rhodes wrote:

> Hi charmane


> thanks for your kind words and "dispensation", but

> the assignment says 5 mins in each position and if

> apart of the assignment was to help the sissy get

> frustrated and try to concentrate her efforts better

> then the 5mins work quite well.

heaven forfend i should try to make things easier

for you! :) :) i'll remember that you are such

a stickler for the rules the *next* time i write

an assignment! (and you thought that *this* one

was sadistic!) :D :D

> i may have been able to manage it if i hadn't cum

> the other night *sigh*

perhaps, but perhaps not, so don't beat yourself

up about it.

> anyway a real man may change positions and the

> sissy has no choice in the matter but to accept this

> as she is there only to please.

not to mention: if he's done in 15 minutes, then

you are, too. :(

> i think i will

> stick with the 5mins as it is deliciously

> frustrating (and i know i am moaning about it) i

> believe that i MAY be able to cum in the time frames

> anyway if i really want it bad enough (i.e become

> more slutty than i already am), then if i can, the

> assignment as written works.

if getting more slutty will do the trick, then

you're just the trollop to accomplish it! :)

you know that i'm cheering for you!

> i will try up until about wednesday, then i may

> stay longer and use other positions.

i'd say: do whatever feels like it will work for

you, whether that's denial/following the rules

strictly, or being flexible and going with the


> Yes my wife will get loads of pampering, as we

> can't have sex, i am going to give her a gentle body

> massage and light some candles etc. i will probably

> cook her a meal too along with doing her make up for

> her (she is actually having some trouble with some

> Benefit products she bought, so i may be able to

> help) -

sounds yummy! maybe she'll decide that she

likes you better as a girlfriend than as a

husband! :)

> imagine that for a bit of cuckolding - an

> husband doing his wifes makeup as she goes out for

> some drinks with her friends!!! very emasculating

> and perfectly sissy!!!!

oh yes, very emasculating! she goes out with

friends and leaves you home all alone... with

Bruce! LOL

> i will let you know how saturday went

i'll keep my fingers crossed about the shaving.

> i have just rung up about the dress too - i asked

> the price first - £139 !!!!!!. it is very nice, but

> not that nice, and i asked about sizes and they only

> have a small and medium and apparently the medium is

> a size 12, which would not really fit me. if i was

> to pay £139 for a dress i would want it to fit me

> properly - i am a small size14 (uk sizes)

quite so! but did you ask the *other* important

question: could you come in and try it on?

> ah well, even though i cannot afford the dress,, i

> think that i have come someway towards furthering my

> sissyhood, as it was the first dress that i have

> ever seen and said "i like that dress" (for me)


> i will have to look on the internet for something

> similar and then go buy it. - i am quite gearing

> myself up to buy a dress (or skirt) and try it on,

> but this may take some weeks and i haven't got the

> time at the moment with Roger and Bruce both wanting

> attention.

you poor dear, you have been having *such* a busy

sex life, haven't you! ;) if you do find

something similiar on the internet, please send

a link to a picture of it!

> at the speeds i was going i may have to order

> another Roger as this one will be worn out!!!!

LOL! And maybe *that* one will *also* be

delivered to your neighbor by accident!

> just to let you know while i am sharing everything

> at the moment, i treated Bruce this lunchtime to a

> schoolgirl outfit!!!

i wish that i had been a fly on the wall for

*that* scene! semi-seriously, i'd love to hear

an mp3 recording of you making love to Bruce...

is that something that you would consider doing?



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