Monday, June 27, 2011

Assignment x report no. 14

note - i seem to have lost charmanes response, but this is what i had to say..

Hi charmane

obviously i haven't managed it yet, but today the feeling seemed to far away. I got on Roger, then tried to read a few things to "get me going", but to no avail, i could hardly manage a semi erection!!!

the feeling of Roger today was not unpleasant, far from it, but it wasn't flicking any switches. there was only a very very small amount of precum by the time i had finished my 15mins (5mins in each position as the assignment says!!)

i am going to put this down as the equivalent to a real women having an headache andjust going through the motions to please her man. i am going to try it with more passion tomorrow.

i often find it difficult to be feminine very early in the morning (the alarm goes at 5.40am), so having sex (as a women) at 7.00am (after i have taken the wife to work) is not my best time (but the assignment says in the morning........). i have often not put on panties only to regret it at about 9.00am!!! when i have woken up fully.

after looking how smart the women at work look this morning and comparing them to how tired and worn out i feel, i think i am the only "women" who had sex this morning!!


i think that mall sounds exactly like what you require. it may be worth "scouting out" the area before going though. maybe you can treat yourself to some new underwear after purchasing your makeup!!!!

after reading around a bit this morning, i have a suggestion which also may help you with your cosmetic adventure - after (or before if you prefer) tell the sales lady that you like how she has done her makeup and that is the look you are after (whether it is or isn't). she may demonstrate the products on you!! (Ref sissystation assignment 20 i think)

you could then buy something in the mall knowing you have makeup on.


Its valentines day today, and my wife has bought me a mickey and minnie and snowglobe and a pink (with black edging) thong which has tinkerbell on the front with the words "love Tinkerbell".

i am wearing them now

love susan

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