Saturday, January 03, 2015

another adventure in the making (part 2)

well if you have read part 1 below, you will know that i have booked a hotel and arranged a meet with a tall muscly guy who is not unattractive.  he also says he is a "stayer" !!

so on with the messages.....

Hi sexy, i hope you are feeling better and that your aches and pains are going.

i have been really horny thinking about you today, i even wet my panties thinking about how i am going to feel in your arms.  xxx

However i didn't hear from him again, but i did try a couple more messages.....
Are we still on for tomorrow as i need to cancel the hotel today if not.

Missed hearing from you. Xx

apologies for this, but as i have heard nothing from you for a few days, i don't want to waste my money in case you cannot come  i had until 9 to cancel with a full refund.  i have cancelled the hotel, and hence our meet.  maybe we can work out something in the future.

But the last message was a bit of a lie, because i did not cancel the hotel room as i had a knight in shining armour arrive on the scene from the same place who is also a body builder, young, quite handsome and who had been chasing me for a while (we exchanged messages about 18months ago but couldn't find a suitable time).  must have been fate to appear at the exact time in needed him.

the next post will give more details......

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