Monday, May 30, 2011

My plans for tomorrow.

these are my plans for tomorrow along with the fantasy that goes with them - i have the house to myself!!
i have a lot of things to do on my computer, so it will be secretary susan and my "boss" is my favourite 8" dildo.


after waking at 7.30am i will take a quick shower, douche myself and ensure that i have no hair where i shouldn't.  i will then attach my breast forms, put on my bra and panties, then go downstairs for my breakfast.

once i have finished my breakfast, i will go back upstairs and get dressed ready for work.  this will include a black garter belt and stockings, a dress or skirt/top, and 4" heels.  i will then do my make up (i have been studying make-up videos for a couple of days now so hopefully i will have a good daytime look), put on my wig, pick up my handbag and hopefully get to work (sat at my computer) before 9.

some other rules i have set myself for the day include never been apart from my handbag (i.e. taking it everywhere with me) and retouching my lipstick/lip gloss every 1/2 hour.

when i get to work, i find that my boss has sent me an email saying that he won't be in the office until 10.30, but i had better be ready for him them.  i know what this means, my boss has a very frigid wife and won't have had any sex all weekend, so he will be very physical with me when he gets in.  i prefer it when he is kind and loving, but i have to accept that i am the other woman and i have to serve his animalistic needs.

i get on with my work until 10.00 when i go and insert a medium butt plug to begin stretching myself for him.  at 10.15 i will try to call my mistress for a session on wednesday or next mon/tue/wed.

at 10.20 a further email arrives from my boss stating that he is on his way does not want to waste any time when he gets in.  i panic a little and rush to insert my biggest butt plug.

at 10.30 my boss walks in, dressed immaculately in a designer suit and says "morning susan, could you be a darling and bring a coffee into my office".  "yes, right away sir, i have some brewing for you" i reply.  this is of course coded jargon between us.  i recheck my make-up, stand up, straightening my skirt, and go get a coffee, but we both know it will never be drunk.

knock knock on the office door, "come in and close the door behind you".  "where do you want me to put this" i say holding out the coffee.

"you can put that on the side table, i want you to come over here" as he points to his lap.

i sexily walk around his desk and slowly kneel at this feet, looking up to him as i take off his shoes and run my hands sensually up his legs.  "i don't have time for that" he barks, snapping me out of my trance and reminding me to hastily take of his pants and boxer shorts while he takes off his shirt.  his cock is already rock hard and i wast no time taking it into my mouth and giving him a blow job for over 20 minutes.

eventually he says "stop that and get yourself ready".  that means strip down to my underwear and remove my panties and butt plug. he then points to the desk.

i know how he wants me, bent over, grabbing the far side of the desk for stability.  he is soon to his feet, and i feel his cock pushing against my throbbing pussy.  then, with one push and a sharp intake of breath from me, his beautiful cock is inside me.  it feels like an eternity, but only a few seconds before he rhythmically starts to thrust in and out and i let out some soft moans.  after about 10 minutes of frenzied thrusting, he says "i am getting tired bitch, time for you to earn your money" and pulls his cock out of my now gaping pussy.

he then lays on the floor, waiting for me to straddle him and ride him like a cowgirl.  i am quickly on top of him, lowering myself onto his cock, letting out another gasp as i take it all in.  i then begin to ride him and ride him, trying to maintain the pace that he had set.  i keep this going for 20 minutes (or until i orgasm without touching myself) until he (and i) can take no more.

as i climb off him, bend back down to suck off all of the cum produced off  his cock.

i then pull up my panties, get dressed and touch up my make-up before going back to my desk for some more work until he calls me again.

12.30pm, another email - redo your make-up to something more suitable for a nighttime and put on a party dress.  i do as he says, but before the clock strikes 1.30pm i am back on his cock again....


i think wednesday will be similar, but if my company car is not repossesed, i may go and buy some clothes and make up if i can't see a mistress (which will be my first time)

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Charmane said...


Your "boss" has you on a very demanding schedule! Do you have a name for "Mr. Boss"?