Saturday, May 28, 2011

3 weeks on

it has now been over 3 weeks since my last orgasm, and i am in a very very girly frame of mind.  i have not been able to dress up or play with myself for this period at all, so i am especially horny.

the last time i returned from a holiday like this, i attempted a task set by charmane that she had written for a crossdressing tasks yahoo group in the style of "sissyschool".  i did my best to complete it and maybe i will post our dialogue of what happened - i am sure it will raise a smile!!

anyway, the question is what to do now.  i don't want to waste this opportunity.

i am toying with the idea of visiting a mistress and getting some "feminisation training".  i am thinking that i would like something along the lines of getting dressed, walking, sitting, make-up etc and if i didn't perform well enough, then a few swats of a cane would be necessary to make me concentrate.  then onto cocksucking and having her take me with a dildo, again with a training element (e.g. you are not backing onto the dildo enough, show me you want it susan etc etc).  i f i am honest, i wouldn't be bothered whether i was allowed to cum or not, but if i did, then i would have to clean up with my tongue......

or maybe a trip out dressed en-femme, or a little shopping spree for a complete new outfit.

i am just undecided at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Love your new hairbrush! Hope you get some 'fem' training. Sorry you couldn't dress for soooo long! :)

susanrhodes said...

thanks, it really does make for a fun start to the day. no matter how macho i will feel, i will always have to use a pink brush to do my hair!!

Anonymous said...

I love your thoughts, so much of what you say is what I want and feel. I love to go to professionals as well and makes no difference if I cum or not but whether I please her. If I do I expect I must clean it up as well