Thursday, May 26, 2011

Before my Holiday

some of these posts are not really in chronological order, but its my blog etc etc.....

just before i went on holiday i was booked in by my sister in law for a chest, underarm and eyebrow wax at a beauty salon called "chill".  it is the salon that she uses regularly.

the place itself was clean, smelt girly, but was (disappointingly for me) all neutral beige tones.  i was hoping for soft pink everywhere.

the girl dong my waxing was okay, only a little chatty (which suited me as i did not want my sister in law knowing about my girly fantasies), and very professional.

she started with a chest wax.  the wax was hot, but not unbearable.  she rolled it on with a sort of roll on deodorant applicator that she kept putting back on the stand to heat up the wax.  she then put the strip over and then quickly yanked.

it hurt

a lot

having had my eyebrows waxed somewhere else before, i noticed that she did not put her hand directly onto the area to limit the second wave of pain hitting my chest after she had pulled.  this made it more painful, and i am quite sure that she did it on purpose.  the final result on my chest was actually disappointing, apparently due to the fact that since i shave, the hairs were snapping instead of been pulled out.  my chest was red when i left.

the underarms was better, still painful, but i was more happy with the result, and i will have my underarms waxed again, but probably not my chest.

so then it was my eyebrows....

she asked how i wanted them.  "separated and lifted" i said, adding "a bit more feminine"

now i was at her mercy.

the last time i had my eyebrows done, they were not as "girly" as i had hoped, even though i had said the same thing, but they were a lot neater on all sides.

this time they were more separated, and more arched, but the top could have been better.

however i did not think much to it, until i went to work, and the girl at work said that they had waxed too much off and just before i prompted her, she said they look more like a girls.  another work colleague agreed that they looked like a women's eyebrows.  success!!!!!!!!!!!

i am now trying to keep up with the shape and making sure that the hairs are kept short before i have a another waxing in the near future (underarm and eyebrows)


Friedoline said...

That sounds like a hot experience! Do you think the girl at work knows?

Charmane said...

Hi Susan,

A couple of questions...

First, is getting a chest/underarm/eyebrow wax something typical for guys to do in GB? It struck me as being an intrinsically "girly" thing to do, and yet the only thing anyone thought twice about was exactly how much was taken off of your brows. Perhaps it's an age-related thing, and guys your age here in the US would also think it typical.

Second, I was wondering if (as Friedoline suggested) any of the girls at work suspect, there is any of them that you might confide in, or let your girly-ness slip to, now that you won't be working with them any more?