Sunday, May 29, 2011

"another push from your father and you would have been a girl"

this was said to me by a work colleague a couple of weeks ago (i didn't have time to write this back then).  i was leant against the boot (trunk) of my car talking to the building site foreman.

my colleague said him and his mate were looking at me from on the site and they said everything about how i sat, acted, posed and moved my hands was just like a girl.  it seems i was leant against my car, legs slightly crossed, limp wristed and just acting in a girly fashion.

ok, without the hot body and skirt, but i was leant something like this....

maybe all this training etc is finally beginning to pay off.  i am now acting subconciously as a girl.  YAY!!!

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Charmane said...


I _knew_ that you had it in you!