Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chastity belt update

(especially for sissycrissi, but i had forgotten!!)
the belt works in a similar way to the cb-2000 series, in that a ring goes around your balls and cock and then connects to a tube that contains your cock.  the bigger advantage of this new belt over my previous cb-2000 is that i cannot touch my cock at all, so i cannot cheat and bring myself off like i could with the cb-2000 (see earlier posts).  it also is very comfortable to wear and i have urinated in it several times and it is easy to clean up afterwards (there is a small hole in the end of the tube)

getting fully erect is not possible, but not THAT painful either.

the disadvantages of this new belt is that it tends to "nip" at where the ring joins the tube and is very difficult to put on when hard/semi-hard.  to be honest i am also not convinced as to the material - it looks like stainless steel, but i gues it isn't, so some people may have an allergy to this, although i don't.  i also read that many people could escape from their cb-2000, so i guess that you could from this, although i know that i cannot.

overall - very happy with the belt for my purposes (to stop me wanking when i am alone in the house) and feels comfortable, but if you intend to go for prolonged periods of chastity (weeks instead of days) then maybe this belt is not for you

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