Thursday, July 08, 2010

not having much to say at the moment, i thought i would share with you all a few of my fantasies / desires, and maybe have a little mini-series of my own.....

so in no particular order of favourite....

No.1 Cheerleader

i have a fascination with cheerleaders.  i am definately a "leg" man, so seeing attractive, sporty young girls in short cheerleading skirts is obviously a good thing for me.  i also love trying to get a quick peak of their panties as they bend over or kick etc.

I love watching cheerleaders at football matches and on television shows

i own a short red cheerleading skirt (obviously), but i do not own a vest top - i should get one soon i know.

cheerleaders are so hot, i can't decide whether i want to have sex with one, or hang with them!!

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