Wednesday, January 12, 2011

second masturbation.....

following on from yesterdays first orgasm of the year, i looked forward to having another go.

this time i decided to use a little KY jelly as a lubricant on my sweet spot, and only use the small vibrator.

i laid back on the bed, legs spread, with thoughts of a big man taking me. i gently began to use the vibrator, with a minimum of movement.  what i did notice was that at times i would be hitting the spot perfectly and it was wonderful, but then the vibrator must have just slipped off a bit and although pleasurable, the build up to an orgasm was not happening as it was when i was hitting the spot.

i did find this slightly frustrating, as i was feeling myself building to an orgasm, and then without seemingly doing anything different, my build up was decreasing.

however i did eventually get there, but it was different to last time and pleasurable in another way. just prior to the orgasm my head a shoulders all felt different and as i reached orgasm, both of my hands started to buzz like the vibrator (felt a bit woolly too) and i had a temporary loss of feeling in them (because they were buzzing so much - a bit like when you sit on your hands for a few minutes and then get up)  my cock was obviously also buzzing (due to the vibrator).  i did not actually feel myself cumming and i had to sit up to see if i had actually cum!!

i could definately get used to this type of orgasm...!!!


Charmane said...

Susan, I'm so glad to see that you are continuing to work at being a good little cock slut! Thank you for posting about your progress. I also greatly enjoyed the Feminization Essentials and Skills Training series.

susanrhodes said...

your welcome, glad to hear that you are well