Monday, August 08, 2011

 desktop wallpaper

as i have already said, i have started a new job, and i am starting to settle in.

what i do want to know form you girls (yes, i am asking for a bit of interaction) is what do you have as your desktop wallpaper, and what do you think is suitable for a sissy / girl in training like me.

i can't obviously have a big cock or anyone naked looking at me (my back is to the window), and sometimes (maybe once every 2 weeks) someone shows me something on the computer, so they will see the desktop.

has anyone any ideas / suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

This is a question fairly easily answered. Are you a sissy? You appear to self-identify as one. You clearly know/understand enough about the sissy subculture to know what that entails.

So the answer is make your desktop wallpaper something that you are interested in. A singer you like, a landscape you find evocative, a place you'd like visit, an item you'd like to own. If you feel like it has to be something feminine to reinforce that element of your personality for your own bemusement/titillation, by all means do so. But anything you put up there will be something a sissy would have up there, because you put it up there, and you are a sissy.

That's probably the biggest step anyone can take in their "journey to sissyhood", is realizing that they are already there. It's not a mask you put on. It's not an act. You're not learning to play the part of a sissy. You are a sissy. Anything you do, or like, or say, or think, is something a sissy would do, or like, or say, or think.