Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hovering, a new experience.

having commited to been as much as a girl as possible, i am trying to sit to pee as much as possible.  i cannot see any situations except when out with my mates that i cannot do this, so that is my commitment.

i went to the toilets in asda (which are usually quite clean), into the only vacant cubicle, and all i can say is that the toilet was dirty and unflushed.  i was tempted to stand to pee, but wearing a thong reminded me that girls often have this problem, so after thinking "what would a girl do?" i decided to hover.

i was quite desperate to go, a little horny and having never peed like this, it was quite difficult.  my legs were shaking and tired by the time i had finished.

my legs ached as i walked out, but i was proud of myself!!!

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