Friday, August 19, 2011

just found this when looking at some old posts that i had not made.  it is part of a series that i intend to continue when i get round to it.  i have since left that compnay, but the post still stands!!!

No 3 The Sceretary

i work as a male executive in an office.  currently there is only one female employed in the company and she works with me as the only two people on the ground floor.  due to the constraints of the credit crunch etc we had to let 2 other females go who worked with me, and the remaining one moved from upstairs, down to be with me.

the other two females i worked with were fantastic.  one was a financial controller, about 42 yr old, always dressed in business attire.  the other was a perky 21 yr old, dressed in young fashion.  us 3 hit it off like wild fire and i had no problems telling them that i plucked my eyebrows, shaved my chest/underarms, that i was wearing tights because it was cold (as if that was the only reason!!) etc etc.  we were like 3 girls together and i was so upset when it changed.

anyway, onto my fantasy....

the look of a woman in a business suit, fitted pencil skirt, tight blouse, heels makes me go weak.  i also feel the same when i am dressed like that.  it instills some feminine confidence in me to dress this was, and my adventures out have generally been wearing a short black pencil skirt and blouse.

i think it must be the look of near perfection, the amount of time taken to achieve the look, me as  a sissy knowing that being a secretary and dressing that way takes a lot of time in a morning, time that i wish i was spending before grabbing a coffee on the go, running some errands for my boss, before some dictation....

secretarys are not paid enough, if i was a secretary then i would demand that i was allowed to suck off the boss and at least one other worker everday.

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