Monday, January 11, 2010

another first....

due to the current economic climate, we have had to make some staff redundant.  our secretary who i worked closely with was one of the casualties.  our buyer (another female) took her place, but we were all told to "share out" answering the phone.

after several months of me saying good morning / afternoon at the wrong time on purpose (just to hear the caller get a bit flustered and lose their train of thought), i dceided today to try and answer with a more softer voice.  i wont say female voice, but definately a little bit more effiminate.

well it worked!! as someone answered "hello love (a term of endearment to all females in yorkshire)".

i felt really girly and blushed a little to myself.

also today, my new wig came.  i will comment on that later as i get used to it...

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