Friday, January 08, 2010

as a follow on from part of the last post, i will let everyone (or anyone) know what task i have set myself for january (at least).

since we have started back at work i decided that i should try to be more girly and do more things that girls do, so the main task for january is to pee like a girl i.e. drop trousers and pee, not peeing standing up. i know many of you are thinking that this is so easy, however let me briefly explain how and where i work.

i work for a construction company, and as such, part of my role is to visit sites to ensure they are operating safely etc. when we habve a lot of work on i spend roughly half of my time on site, and half in the office.

if you are not aware, the toilets on a building site are not the cleanest and sometimes only consist of a chemical toilet which has often been vandalised and has no seat, or sometimes no toilet at all (pee in a bucket, or in a corner or behind a wall etc)

you can probably see that this is now slightly more difficult.

also in our office the gents toilets have urinals and one cubicle. not a problem you say - use the cubicle at all times. i agree, not a problem, except for the embarressment flushing the toilet causes as the noise of the water filling up can be heard in the main office and reception area! - everyone knows when you walk out what you have just done. this embarrasement is obviouisly more for me as i flush the toilet several times a day!! the girl on reception is bit of a busy body, and it won't be long before she asks me if i am on an high fibre diet!!

should be fun coming up with a response as to why i am not man enough to use the urinals, and suggesting i should use the ladies!!

i also will be going for a night drinking with the boys where the pub/nightclub cubicles are dirty and questions would be raised if i was seen going into a cubicle.

so for everytime i pretend to be a man and pee standing up, i have to carry out the punishment (with the porn running)

i am a girl and girls sit to pee.

however today i comitted my first indescetion and pretended to be a man and peed standing up, i had no choice - the toilets were just so dirty and smelly, no girl would have gone in there.

i accept that i have to pay the consequences and so on monday before my hopeful session, i will carry out the punishment. i.e.carry out and complete the punishment before allowing myself to cum. *sigh*

looks like my arms will be aching.....*sigh*

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