Tuesday, January 05, 2010

a short story that i wrote in the style of sissystation
hope you all like, i will probably do a few more of these as time permits.
A day trip......

You start the day with your morning shower

Before putting on your tights

And beginning your daily make up regime

You begin your daily chores by doing the laundry

But mistress catches you getting excited about touching her panties

You must be punished

You are then told to grab your shopping bags

Mistress informs you that you are going shopping and then to the beach for some fun.
You are told by Mistress that you will need to buy a new bikini and this really excites you.

On the way to the beach Mistress decides to go to the harbour for some lunch and has you pose for a photo from a passing tourist.

Having gained a boost of confidence, you then decide to flash your panties, but Mistress does not approve

Mistress thinks you are been too saucy, so decides to skip lunch and head straight for the beach
The warmth of the sun relaxes Mistress and she helps you put on some sun screen

Mistress then decides to take a photo of you which shows how your new breasts are developing.

When you have finished posing, you put your bikini top back on and go for a swim to cool off.
When you return from your swim, Mistress is nowhere to be seen and a naked man has taken her place on your towel.

You are not sure if this is a test set up by Mistress or not, but you cannot miss an opportunity like this.

You soon forget to feel hungry as you begin to eat your own lunch!!

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