Thursday, January 07, 2010

an anal orgasm - with something extra......

wow, to all you girls that have never had an anal orgasm (or whole body orgasms as i prefer to call them), i suggest that you relax and keep trying as eventually it (and you) will cum.  having experienced several whole body orgasms i was not expecting what came next.

i have read on many occasions about milking a sissy and sissys who are able to cum without any penile stimulation (i.e. only from anal contact), but having tried this for several years and been unsuccesful, i thought it was either a myth or that i was not "wired up" that way.  it didn't bother me, i never got hung up about it, i was just happy to experience the whole body orgasms, which were fantastic (especially the recent ones).

however from what i have already wrote you can probably guess what i managed to achieve on wednesday 6th january 2010.  i was pounding my ass with my dildo and i had an ejaculation as well as an whole body orgasm.

to spell out and record exactly what happened, this is quite a long post (summerised above), so if you are not interested, don't bother reading the rest.  however like a girl who writes in her diary about the first time she has sex, i feel the need to do justice to this (at least to me) momentous occasion.

so here goes
i was extremely horny, and had been for a day or so (the previous day i had spent all day on my own in the office, just surfing sissy stuff).
it was also unexpected that i got home at lunchtime to be able to do this.

as soon as i got home, i stripped off, lubed up my rear and started to insert my largest butt plug (yes that is right - i went for the largest straight away!). i took this slowly and witha bit of pausing/relubing adn carefully waiting before taking a bit more i was able to take it all.  about 5 mins after it was all in, it began to feel a little more comfortable, and i was not afraid that it was going to pop straight out.

i am very turned on by masters and mistresses instructions, tasks and punishments.  i had been reading the sissymaster blog a while ago, and i remember his punishment for not following his rules.  it turned me on to try this out and now seemed the perfect opportunity.  below is a copy of the punishment (

If you break the rules, your punishment is as follows: Set a timer for 30 minutes. Go put a penny on the wall at shoulder height and hold it there with your nose. Keep your legs straight, and keep your hands above your head and not touching the wall or your head. Keep in this position until you hear the timer go off. I am serious about my rules, and breaking them will bring humiliating punishments that will not be fun or entertaining.

while i was gently taking in my butt plug, i was also surfing for some porn that would show a woman on top riding a cock for a decent length of time.  while i was doing this task i thought that i could enhance the humiliation of the the above assignment by instead of having a timer, i would use a 30min+ porn video, turn up the sound and be holding the penny in the next room. a sort of cuckold type humiliation hearing someone getting fucked while you are made to stand still.  i managed to find some "screaming" porn, where the girls were very "vocal" while they were having sex.

the humiliation aspect of this must really have got to me, as i stood in my butt plug and 4" heels only.  i was very turned on as i started the porn got into position.  well i can tell you that this is not a pleasant punishment.  my arms were aching after aboout 2 minutes and so were my legs.  my neck ached because the penny is at shoulder level (not normal nose level).  the screaming from the video was turning me on and i felt very belittled.

i only lasted about 8 minutes.  poor, i know.  but it was tough, i was horny and i was only "testing" the punishment.  however, i had already decided to use this punishment to punish me for not completing a sisy task i have set myself this month (more about to follow).

so i took of my heels, loaded up two different videos (both of noisy females) and paused them at the relevant points.  i got my dildo lubed up, butt plug out and sat on the dildo in time with the girl.

nothing particulary different here (only the videos were different)

howeverafter about 5mins when i switched to the second video, i noticed the girl leaning right forward (almost kissing the man) while still bouncing on his cock.  i tried this, it was a little uncomfortable and unnatural for me, however i did note that even when she was more upright,, she was very forward on the mans cock.  this may have been the key.  as i bounced in this more forward position i found myself copying the girl by screaming.

i was feeling excessively horny and i believe that i was hitting my prostrate continually.

i was feeling light headed and had to slow down a bit, but then built up speed again and just i was about to almost pass out with pleasure / dizzyness my cock started to squirt.  for every bounce down, more cum came out and with my cock (that was only semi hard) flopping about, the cum went everywhere - on my legs, carpet, arms, face etc

i then literally collapsed to the floor and was very very proud of myself!!!

the bits of cum that could collect up i gladly ate up without a single regret or remourse.

after regaining my breath, i rewarded myselfby having a normal "man wank" and i didn't eat my cum afterwards (which is probably my only regret).

so girls, i am converted.  i didn't think it was possible, but it is. take your time and hit the right spot repeatedly is the key i believe.

roll on monday......


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What a great resource!

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that true story of yours got me real horny.