Tuesday, January 05, 2010

snow snow snow

we have a lot of snow at the moment, so much that i am the only one in work today, so time for a day of sissy searching etc on the net!!

the downside of this is that i cannot get home for any dressing, and secondly i was hoping to order some new lingerie and a wig, but i will have to wait now as i would not be at home to meet the postman.

i did order a wig, but asked for next day delivery charges, so it would be delivered today, however they havn't got back to me yet so it will probably be next week now. i ordered a short brown wig, mainly to compare the looks - i will post pictures and hope that someone comments on which looks best.

however i did have some "funtime" yesterday.

i was quite desperate to fell my dildo sliding in and out of my pussy, so i was very eager.

as soon as i got home i stripped off and inserted my medium butt plug (i don't bother with the small one at all now) and then i fixed my silicone breast forms to my chest. i don't normally stick these on when i am only home for a short while (i just insert them in a bra) but i just felt like it today.

after fixing my chest, it was time for the largest butt plug, which i gently and slowly took all the way in - i am now beginning to be able to take this all the way on a regular basis and up to a few weeks ago, couldn't take it all at all!!

once fully in i danced about a bit to get the sensations associated with a full pussy and then put on my sexy babydoll. this looked lovely against my freshly shaved chest and breasts. i watched some porn for a bit (searching for another video that has a girl riding a cock on top for a while - most of them have a scene with the girl on top, but only for a short while, i want to copy a girl really riding that cock - please post any suggestions)
so i put on my favourite video (see a few posts back) and copied the girl. i didn't suck any cock though - i was too eager to have it inside me. i rode the dildo like a real whore and then laid on my back and pounded the dildo in and out. i don't feel like that is a good position (on my back with my legs in the air) as my arms have to reach down to pound the dildo - NOTE TO SELF -must build a fucking machine.
while i was doing this it felt fantastic (apart from my strecthed out arm) and my legs were shaking uncontrollably, so much so that i had to stop!!!
felt wonderful for about 3 hours afterwards, alas with the snow i may have to wait until next week to try again...

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