Wednesday, January 13, 2010

shopping at ann summers
was a bit bored and needed a pickup, so i went and looked at the ann summers website (a sort of victorias secret chain for you americans, although they do have some more adult novelty items....)

the following is what i have bought and i can't wait to try them on.

Black suspender belt

lace top stockings (a girl can never have enough of these)

pue satin red thong (to match my red satin babydoll)

lila thong (thought this looked too good not to have in my panty draw)

booty lube (do i need to spell out what i will be using that for.....)

florence basque

on reflection, the florence basque is the most feminine thought of garment i have ever bought.  i didn't actually by it in my size (12-14) or buy it because i liked the look of it (there are sexier items in the shop).

i bought it because it was on sale - how much like a woman is that - i did this without thinking.  what a bargain (£7), but it unlikely that i will ever wear it.  maybe i just needed a fix of shopping bargain heaven to make me feel better!!

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