Friday, December 04, 2009

CB-2000 - A warning

having bought a cb-2000 in order to help me with my girly training, i write the following to assist / warn others before they make any purchase on a chastity device.

as many of you may have read, generally the only time i manage to be alone and get girly is at lunchtimes - mon to wednesday althiugh it is ususally for at least a couple of hours at a time. so my thoughts were to buy a chastity device that i could put on at work, leave the key at work, go home and then tease my self silly with no release, then back to work.

i didn't want to pay too much, as i knew it was only for fun, and more as a trial. so after reading reviews, the only really bad thing said about the cb-2000 was that some men could manage to pull out. so i paid my £70 and waited....

i couldn't wait to try it on. i didn't have long, and i was very *excited* so it was a bit of trouble at first, but once i had it figured out, i had my penis locked away and put my clothes on.
the bulge was not particularly noticable, but due to the shape of the cage, was a strange shape (for a crotch area)

as i didn't have long i took the device off and waited for my chance. i was working at a relatives house doing some painting while they were on holiday. i was alone - perfect. i put the device on, got dressed again and started with the painting. it was uncomfortable at times, but nothing unbearable. you need to sit down to urinate (no problen there for me!!) or else it would go everywhere.

when i had finished painting i tried a little teasing and then i found to my horror that i could (quite easily) have an orgasm while wearing this device. if a normal wanking orgasm was rated at 100, the orgasm within the device was a 60-65. satisfying, but could be better.

i was gutted. £70 to stop me been able to orgasm and i managed it at the first attempt!

spoiler alert - highlight the following if you want to know how i managed it easily!!

i managed to get my little finger (i have small hands) partly through the cage and to the spot below the head of my penis, whhich with contstant stimulation produced an orgasm. i also tried it again once more using the handle of a toothbrush and found it very easy to do.

if you want a device that will stop you or your partner having sexual intercourse, then this will work, but it will not prevent anyone having an orgasm. be warned.

p.s. if you are the guy who bought mine off ebay, then sorry!!! - at least you havn't wasted as much money as me!!

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