Wednesday, December 02, 2009

As predicted

i wish i had as much luck with my lottery numbers.

as predicted, my wife is off work again today, hence no playtime for me until monday at the earliest. i am beginning to go insane, i am having urges and many impure and improper thoughts!!

One thing i have been toying with for a while is visiting a professional mistress. i have been looking around, reading reviews etc and *if* i decide to take the plunge, then i know which one it will be. She is very attractive, offers all of the services that i would require and co-incidentally she is close to my home - how close i do not knowbut i am certain it is less than a mile!!!
i am thinking about the new year for this though.
still got loads of sissy thoughts rushing through my head. i know from previous times that the first 10 days or so are the worst without an orgasm, but that doesn't help!!!

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