Monday, December 07, 2009

At last - some relief

it was not the fact that i had an orgasm, just the fact that i managed some time in stockings that was the big relief for me i think.

i started by using my medium butt plug, held in place by my gaff. after about 5 minutes i took this out and used by large butt plug. i was careful with this and slowly let in go in bit by bit, taking my time.

i was also wearing some hold up stockings, filled out bra and my short sexy satin negligee from ann summers.

after about 10-15 minutes i felt the large butt plug "pop in" and i realised that i had managed to relax enough to take the full butt plug in (only the second time i have done this). this was not particularly comfortable as i could feel it pressing on my insides a little, but it was not painful - just filling.

i then loaded up my favourite video (the girl in the pink bedroom), placed my monitor on the floor and began to copy what she did.

my dildo got a good sucking, that made my neck ache a little as i tried to completely copy as near as possible the girl in the video

then, when it came for the time for her to remove her knickers, i took of my negligee, gaff and removed the butt plug..

after all the stretching, the dildo slid in easily to my well lubed hole.

it just felt delicious and somehow "right" as if it was meant to be there purely for giving me pleasure. as i bounced up and down on my dildo, i could feel waves of pleasure over my body and i actually moaned a couple of times as to how nice it was.

The video ends with the girl getting fucked on her back and the man driving his cock in and out quite quickly. as i copied this i believe i was hitting my prostrate continually, but i was unable to ejaculate. My arm was aching as i shoved the dildo in and out (as well as aching my arm was shaking from the feeling of been fucked) and i couldn't keep this up for too long, although i did keep it up as long as the video.
i suppose the way to look at it is as a man. the man in the video was shagging away until he came. if the girl did not come in that time, then it is tough on her (yes i know this is a sexist outlook, but many men do think this way)
now looking at it as the girl, she is left frustrated as the man came too quickly.
i would feel frustrated, however i did have what i consider a full body orgasm. i am not sure if it is possible to ejaculate, or if i want to (its not very ladylike).
anyway, i was shaking for ages afterwards, felt great and totally relaxed.
i did cum shortly afterwards, but to be honest it would not have bothered me if i didn't. when i did cum, i didn't feel an orgasm, it only added very slightly to how i was already feeling.
top and bottom of it....
1 ) i have one VERY lucky dildo
2) if you have never had a full body orgasm, then you don't know what you are missing!!

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