Thursday, December 03, 2009

Nothing New.........except for a purchase.

i have nothing to report except that i am extremely horny, some colleagues at work have said i looked "flushed" all day (can't see why - i am sitting at my computer reading sissy stories etc!!!), and that i need some release!!

a while ago i shaved my chest, but i didn't keep up with it, so the hairs are back (and have been for about 12 months). this will now however change. Today i have bought a babyliss male bodygroom shaver, that once charged up, i will use on my chest and underarms.

this is hopefully the first step towards becoming totally shaved. next step will be to "trim" my legs, maybe before christmas!!

hopefully i can keep up with this and become used to a girly regime of shaving and then using some scented moisturising lotion!!

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