Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mind Blowing Orgasm

today i had the urge to have my pantied ass "taken". i got home and immediately dressed in some black stocking and suspenders, black bra (suitably padded) a black lacy thong and some ankle boots with a 4" block heel. i figured there was no use putting a skirt on as it would be off soon. bright red lipstick completed the look (no eye make up this time).

while i was browsing some feminizing webteases i inserted a lubed finger, quickly followed by a small butt plug. this plug just popped straight in - it was almost as if i was so turned on by the fact that i was going to have a large dildo pounding my pussy that i had made myself wet!

after a few minutes i removed the plug and inserted a medium plug, again with some ease. i had the full feeling but with very little discomfort. after about 5 minutes i was so excited that i knew it was time....

my dildo (called Bruce) is a realistic cock with balls attached, not massive (about 7-8" long and about 1" wide). i lubed it up, stuck it to a small box and placed this on the floor. i then straddled it on my knees and slowly lowered myself down onto it. the dildo was a bit larger and obviously not tapered like the butt plugs, so took a bit longer to get in. i eased up and relubed a coulpe of times before taken the whole thing. as i was lowering myself down on it, i felt a stretching / burning, but this eased the further it went in!!

after waiting a minute to get accustomed to it, i began to get screwed like i wanted to! i rode that dildo for all it was worth - on my knees, bent over a chair and then crouched over it with my 4" heels flat to the floor (a position that i found to be quite stimulating as it was easy to move up and down using my leg muscles). my face must have been a picture of ectasy as i ooooed and aahhed as my pussy got punded throwing my neck and back backwards to get more of the feeling.

one strange thing was that i was not hard - i remember been hard the first few times i used a dildo, but it has not happenend for a while though - although a little touching made me semi-hard.

i then decided that i could take no more of this feeling. i was crouched down over the dildo with my heels flat to the floor bouncing up and down. i touched my cock a little, but let go when i felt i was getting near. i then touched my cock until i was about to explode, then let go but was very vigerous up and down the dildo. This resulted in a MASSIVE orgasm.

my whole body was shaking, my legs were having spasms and i was delirious. I can assure everyone reading this that if every orgasm felt this good then the world would be a happier place!!

my legs were still shaking 2 HOURS afterwards. if real girls have orgasms like this, then they are very, very, very lucky.

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