Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Closing thoughts

So i have sucked a cock and had a cock in my ass.  i suppose i do now qualify for my "sissy badge"

however i do have a few closing thoughts on this.

1) the guy has been in touch several times since asking me to meet him again, and on one occasion saying that he had felt he had done something to upset me!  there is no way in the world that i will be going with him again for several reasons including a) his very small cock, b) his age and ability/stamina c) his kissing ability (yuk!) and also he never offered to pay towards the room.  i wouldn't have accepted, but i would have thought it courteous to at least offer, especially as i drove over 30 miles there and back +  spent money on lingerie etc.

2) would i do it again?  i still have the nagging bit at the back of my mind that i would like to have a man "take me" and make me feel like a woman, but at the moment i have no plans to repeat this.

3) do i feel different?  a little bit, but not much.  i smile when i think about getting on my knees or when he grabbed my hips to screw me, but then i think of his cock and how it felt in me and i am slightly put off.

4) was it fun? definitely was for him!, less so for me.  i think i could have enjoyed it, but the experience did not last long enough and he was not a good lover.

i certainly think that i was one of the best men he has ever been with, and probably the most convincing TV.  judging by his texts and emails i think he thought he would never get so lucky.  and he won't again!!!

so there you have it, i really consider myself a sissy now, as opposed to a TV.

Thanks for reading.  i will be taking a bit of a blogger break as i have some other projects i want to complete, so i don't think i will have much to post about for a few weeks.

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