Friday, May 17, 2013

scallop skirt

I was at a seminar this week sat on the front row (with my legs crossed at my hands neatly on my lap) when i noticed the speaker and more to the point what she was wearing

the lawyer giving the presentation was about early 40's but very slim (she said she was a runner and quite a good one too).

But i just could not take my eyes away from her skirt.

she was wearing a black scalloped skirt similar to the one above with a flowered printed blouse. She also had a blazer jacket, so i guess this formed part of a skirt suit.

to complete the look she was wearing black tights (about 15 denier) and some ankle boots similar to above

The skirt rested just above her knee.  The scalloping on the skirt gave it a really feminine look, and i think it needed the more manly style blazer to even out the look.

i have not been on here for a while as you may have noticed, and i have not dressed for several months for various reasons, including me feeling not very girly at all.  hoever inevitably that feeling is slowly coming back and was accelerated by this simple act of jealousy over a skirt!

i know it is because of all the looking at fashion blogs that i could describe the skirt more fully and how the ensemble was put together.  i can see girl mode been activated very soon!!!!


Happy pet said...

A very pretty skirt indeed Susan, i agree


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
Your blogs are very inspirational. Am missing them. Sorry your date didn't work out as you planned. Next time perhaps - what's the expression you need to kiss many frogs before you find a Prince.
Take care and enjoy.
M x

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan
Hope this helps but you can find vidios on youvutu, I know most of the vidios are from the guys side but then their are ones where women post of them sucking cock. You can join the site and friend them then tell them what you are thinking and want to know.

Anonymous said...

Are the pictures of you, if so you look yummy. I really apreciate your blog and admire you for your courage. I only dress in neutral clothing when I wear fem things but do so want to try dresses. Was looking at a pretty outfit in a windo one day and a sales lady came out and said that would look nice on me, why not come in, I wish I had. How did she know I was thinking of myself in the outfit. I felt good she did though.
Hugs and Kisses
Sissy Mel