Tuesday, January 01, 2013

quick insert before the story continues...

i thought i would add this in now, so as to give some perspective to the story......

the photos he took of me in my babydoll are as follows (these are referred to in the next post)

this is a photo of my dildos (bruce - the bigger one, and roger the smaller one)

roger was bought, as stated in an earlier post, to hopefully help me hit my prostrate repeatedly.  it was chosen for the shape and style.  i can (and have on many occasions) taken the larger dildo, both in my throat and in my ass.  i can deep throat it, but not for too long.  i can ride it for a while.  i am sure you can see the size comparison, especially the girth.

they guy i was with resembled the smaller dildo, except after sucking on it to compare sizes, he was actually smaller than that in length and girth.

here is a picture of his cock.  i know it does look on the small side, but i had hoped it was the angle, but it wasn't.  in fact the angle taken was very flattering!!!.


Anonymous said...

You are beautiful and so is the cock.

susanrhodes said...

Hi michelle and thanks for the comment, but the cock was not beautiful at all! if you had seen how thin it was, you would think differently i am sure. lol!!

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful and he sounds like a jerk, if he had been nicer perhaps you would think diff. of him. I do have to agree with Michelle, his cock looks nice in the photo and I think sucking him to his climax would have been nice. But then I was not there and so take your word for it,
Thanks for sharing
Sissy Mel