Sunday, December 30, 2012

onto the bit you are waiting for part 1

I have written this in a bit of a note format, and to be honest i can't be bothered with fleshing it all out.  i assume you get the picture...

my heart skipped a beat when he knocked at the door.  i walked over, smiled sexily and opened the door to let him in.  he looked me up and down, walked past me and then said, "hi, you look very nice, well, this is me i hope i don't look too bad"

he looked like a smaller version of Bobby Davro, slightly plumpish, unshaven and smelling of smoke despite his profile saying he didn't smoke.  he was about 5 ft 6 inches tall, which meant that (since i am about 5'7" to start with, then i was wearing 5 1/2 heels) i towered above him!  all in all not someone i would fancy.

he held his arms out with a "so what do you think" pose.  i thought what the hell, i am here, dressed and raring to go, i might as well.  so i smiled and said OK, and took a step towards him and started to kiss him.  He instantly put his arms all around me and then his mouth was all over mine.  i think he must have a really big mouth, because he just smothered me.  I could taste the smoke on his tongue as we embraced.

he had his arms around my back/waist and i had my arms around his back and it seemed to feel a little awkward until i realised that girls tend to put their arms around a mans neck.  once i had adjusted this it felt better and he pulled me even closer.

you can tell how interested i was as i remember listening to jo whiley..

his hands were soon on my ass, pulling up my dress, me pulling it down a couple of times, until i decided not to bother and let him feel away.  we were close together. not really dancing, but did have a bit of a sway.

he roughly grabbing my boobs, which was a bit of a shock, especially how hard he was feeling them.

i dropped my hand to feel his cock, stroking it through his trousers.

bit more kissing

then i unzipped his trousers, more rubbing of his cock

by now dress was around my waist, panties and suspenders / stockings on show

i was having trouble undoing his trousers, so he undid them and let them fall to the floor

feeling him up in his boxer shorts i could feel his penis, and it felt hard, but there didn't seem much of it.

he stripped off his jumper and t-shirt while i tied my hair into a ponytail to keep it out of the way.

he then walked up behind me and grabbed me, so i started grinding my panties against his boxer shorts after a bit i was turned back around for more kissing

feeling into his boxer shorts, grabbing hold of his cock and wanking him

lots more kissing, often quite rough from him - he was definitely not a good kisser.

I could feel the damp stickyness of precum on his penis on my hand

was expecting his cock to grow and grow, but that was it.  how small could it be i thought?

i could feel he wanted my dress off so i did. i took off my dress and managed to keep wig on

 i kicked off my shoes to make us more level

This is what i looked like (except with some make-up on!)

he paid me a few compliments on how good i looked etc

kissing my neck turning me on a bit and making me shiver which was nice.

i put my hands in his boxer shorts and pulled them down exposing his cock

the cut head was about the size of a small mushroom and perfectly formed, but the shaft was about as thick as my thumb and i have small hands. How long was it? i hear you ask- as it had a pronounced upwards curve i would be very generous 4 1/2 inches. and yes that is generous.

"Is that it" i thought as i kissed and wanked him off a bit, hoping it would fill with blood and grow.
more kissing and a bit of wanking and i gently felt his hands on my shoulders, i took this to mean that he wanted me on my knees.

i kissed his neck, then slowly traced my tongue and kissing down his body towards his groin, until i was on my knees facing his cock.  this was the first time i had come face to face with a cock, and it seemed even smaller when i was next to it.

i gave it a few more squeezes with my hand before i put my lips against the head and gave it a lick.  i could taste the pre-cum mixed with a bit of urine, but after a few licks the taste disappeared.  i licked up and down the shaft (which didn't take long), over the head and again on the shaft.  a few kisses on the side before i took the head into my mouth and bobbed my head on it.

i was now a cock sucker.

as it was so small i could use my tongue on the head while it was in my mouth, so i did.  i took it out of my mouth, held it in my hands again and licked kissed it a bit more.  it felt like licking a lollipop, in fact i have had bigger lollipops!

i took it back in my mouth and i thought i would swallow him.  deep throating would not be the phrase to use as it only just reached the back of my mouth!  i held it for a few seconds before i felt my gag reflex about to go so i just composed myself and sucked on it.    i felt his hands on my head so i just bobbed my head in time with the rhythm. after a few seconds he took his hands off the back of my head , which was actually a bit of a disappointment as i wanted the guidance, and having his hands there helped me concentrate on the task and they just sort of felt good!

i kept up the rhythm for a few seconds, then went a bit faster

I was bobbing my head away, often taking all of him in my mouth when he said slow down I don't want to cum yet. I had only been sucking for about 20 seconds!

to be continued......


Pepyssam said...

Very good -- exciting and funny at the same time! Looking forward to the next installment.

Pepyssam said...

Very good -- exciting and funny at the same time! Looking forward to the next installment.