Wednesday, December 12, 2012

fantasy stories

as i have said many times on here, i do not have much time to indulge on my sissy side, so every little bit is precious to me.  As i don't have much time to be a sissy, i don't have much to say.

but i do think about been a sissy a lot, and i have had the sudden urge to start writing about the fantasys i have and i would live my life as a full time sissy.

i am not a great writer, and i don't know how long i will be motivated to keep writing, but i will do my best.  i can work on these stories at work, so that is a bonus and i don't feel guilty just looking at sissy pictures!

i will hopefully post my first (and only written story so far) later this week.

all of the stories will be written from a personal perspective.

maybe writing these stopries will help motivate me to get out more and improve my sissyness.

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