Friday, December 28, 2012

the email exchange 3

 monday 17th dec
you can go in first,get ready then text me your room number xxx
 That is fine i will let reception know that i am expecting you later.
What time do you think you will be able to get there? i was hoping to get there for about 7 and then get dressed etc (approx 30-40 mins)
got a guy coming round to fix my pc at 4-45. i will get there for 7-45/8-00. give you time to make yourself beautiful for me. i can only stop till 10ish. my number xxxx xxx
 That is like you - perfect!!
i hope we have time to have a dance (the girly romance bit i am looking most forward to), then plenty of time to make you happy, at least twice if possible
 darling i am not perfect, grey hair, 57 years old etc. we will have time to dance and anything else romantic you would like. laying together and just kissing and cuddling xxx
you are perfect to me, that i s why i agreed to marry you.
you treat me like a lady until we get into bed - then treat me like a whore. what more does a girl want?
 I keep reading this over and over. having a slow dance with you, sneaking a kiss here and there, you touching my bottom, me leaning on your shoulder before we undress each other and climb into bed for lots of kissing and cuddling sounds perfect to me.
i do have one other request if posible (please feel free to say no) - would it be possible for you to take a couple of pictures of me. i would like a couple of me dressed (if we can wait that long) and if possible one while i am pleasuring you with my mouth and bottom?
i am sure you know how to treat a lady...

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