Saturday, December 15, 2012

why am i a sissy? (part 2)

Please see part one of this to be able to follow what i am talking about!

Post wife
About 6 months after meeting the wife, i managed to get a computer and get on the internet.  this was obviously a wide passage into sissydom, and i quickly found myself masturbating while reading sissy assignments, joining sissy training sites and even following a programme that replicated a period.

me and the wife did have sex through this, but before she moved into my house i insisted that i had 2 weeks on my own.  this time ws spent with shaved legs and lots of lingerie as you can imagine.

the training websites pushed my resolve and i went out in public again in the daytime in a miniskirt and heels, and i also bought a dildo that i have sucked and used in another orifice!!

since we have been married we do not / have not had much sex.  i am not very good at it, and i don't get any practice!  when the wife was pregnant we didn't have sex until 3 months after my son was born, and to date it is at least 11 months since we had sex.  i think the wife has used her hand to "relieve my frustrations" on about 2 occasions though.

as my life as gone on, i have joined cottaging / gay cruising sites and attempted to meet men (without success), had sex with my dildo on a webcam for a man, and been to a london nightclub dressed.  i also now find myself trawling through sissy websites on a daily basis.

I have been buying myself more panties and clothes, wearing them whenever i get chance.

I am practicing my makeup skills whenever i can.

For long journeys at work i am wearing a skirt and wig etc

as i said in my first post, does the series of events that is my life indicate a sissy in the making, born to be a sissy, or an unlucky man who has become a sissy?

whichever it is, i do LOVE wearing skirts and heels!!!


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Anonymous said...

I want to say the lucky man who has become a sisy.