Monday, December 24, 2012

the email exchange 2

Sunday 16th December
good morning lover. i have just read your last email from last night about the next time you cum it will be in me.
i am sooo honoured, i feel like i have won the jackpot, that was such a nice thing to say, i am fingering my pussy thinking about it.
 Hi lover
as you have not seen your wife in a while, she is desperate to ensure that you are happy.
she is starting to think about what she will be wearing for you, especially for the moment you walk in.
would you prefer she wears a sort of secretary look, with a white blouse and black skirt, and if so what would be your preference for the length of skirt?
i have one that goes to below the knees, and is posibly quite demure, or i do have a pleated mini-skirt?
if i hadn't been so excited about meeting you, that would have been the only options, however i have been looking at some dresses. i own a couple of dresses and you have seen the photos (black micro mini dress, and a silver dress). i have fallen in love with a dress online though.
it is a cocktail / evening dress that is floor length. i would describe it as a minidress, but with a see through bit fastened to the bottom. it has a long zip down the back. the "problem" with this dress is that i would definately need help getting out of it. and since it is reasonably glamorous, i think i would want to dance with you a little in it first before taking it off.
i obviously have not bought it yet, but they do next day delivery, so i may be able to have it by tuesday night, but not 100% certain.
can you please choose what you would prefer - cocktail dress, one of my other dresses or secretary look, but also make a choice of skirt length for the secretary look just in case.
would like you in the little black number or if you feel inclined to buy the evening dress that would be good too. you must wear sexy underwear too. it would be a pleasure to dance with you whatever you wear xxx loads of love your husband dave xxx
 Hi loved one.
I couldn't resist, so i went and bought the evening dress. i am such a girl that i just had to have it.
i will not get chance to try it on until tuesday night, so i will take my little black one as well in case it doesn't fit right.
i will warn you, the little black one, is VERY little, if i reach to the ceiling you will see all of my panties (i know you obviously want this, but i would rather tease you a little). i have to keep pulling the dress down to cover most of my stocking tops (it never really covers them all)
would love to dance in the evening dress though - if it fits i am sure you will like it.
ok would love to have a slow sexy dance with you and make you feel like a sexy girl xxx 
 that is exactly what i had in mind.  a slow dance, you running your hands up and down my back, the odd kiss, until you kop a feel of my arse.  i move your hand a couple of times, but enetually let you feel me up because it feels so good been in the arms of a strong man.
"kop a feel of your arse" dont want my wife swearing did you mean your womanly bottom
sorry sir, yes i did mean touching my womanly curves, although they are there for your pleasure!
i promise i will be more ladylike in the future for you.
good its not ladylike to use bad language darling xxx
i will remember, but i cannot promise to remain calm while you are consumating our marriage. xxx
you can let yourself go in our bed susan xxx
thank you, i do hope though that you will be in charge of our love making, ensuring that you get what you want.  once i have had my little bit of romance with a slow dance, i intend to hand my body over to you.
if i am not doing anything to your satisfaction, please let me know.
got to go now susan. you will also need a sexy nightie for our date. take care now darling xxx hubby dave
i already have a sexy nightie ready for you.
and in response to an earlier question, i will be wearing a nice dress that you will need to help me out of, but underneath i will guarentee some sexy lingerie!!
if you get chance to come back on tonight - what about the travelodge at xxxx?
wifey susan
dont expect you to be totally sub. women have more freedom nowadays including in the bedroom. want you to tell me what you enjoy/dislike during our lovemaking
i like lots of kissing, and i will enjoy your hands all over my body
i will tell you what i like, but i suspect that you will be doing it!!!
travelodge xxxx sounds good xxx
nit nite sweetheart
wifey susan
nite nite babe xxxxxxxxxxxx hubby dave
 Hi loved one, if you read this in the morning i hope you have had a good nights sleep. sorry for the long message.
now for the exciting parts - i have booked the hotel (travelodge lakeside) for tuesday night.
if you cannot make it for whatever reason, please let me know before 12 on tuesday, so i can cancel without cost.
you can message me on xxxx.
i do not have access to this site while at work, but i do have access to my email - xxxxxx
it would be nice to hear from you during the day!
as for the hotel, i do not know what your intentions are?
do you want to meet me and go in together (male mode), but you will then have to wait for me to get ready.
do you want to message me and i will come and meet you at reception while dressed up? i understand any need for privacy as we are near your home.
would it be preferable if when i checked in i got 2 keys and then left one say underneath the front wheels of my car with the room number on it - you could let yourself in then and hopefully i would be sat waiting for you.
or something else?
very excited now

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