Saturday, December 29, 2012

during the day

i had booked and paid for the hotel, getting lucky as i found a discount code for £10 off.  the room cost a total of £21, which wasn't bad really.

i was excited all day for the meeting.  my nerves were causing knots in my stomach and i could hardly work with anticipation.  i was about to be a fully fledged sissy, and i wanted it badly.

The hotel was booked and paid for, the car was loaded up with all of my sissy clothes, underwear and make up that i thought i may need.

throughout the day i was checking for when my new dress had been delivered to the local store.  all day checking my phone and the tracking details on the website.  the tracking details didn't change and i had a bad feeling that i was not going to be wearing a new dress, especially as it was one that i had fallen in love with.

alas it was not meant to be.  there was no email or text message, and i even checked with the delivery point on my way to the meet.

I also thought i was not destined to get there either.  i had set off about 30 mins earlier than i had planned, but then the motorway was shut for an accident.  luckily i knew a bit of a back way and i got to the hotel at about 7.15 pm

i quickly set about getting shaved and getting dressed.

i glued my breast forms to my chest and put on my new bra and thong in lacy black/pink.

i did my make up - foundation, powder 2 shades of eye shadow, mascara and some red lipstick.

i put on  a suspender belt and stockings, making sure i could still get my thong off.  i lubed up my behind and i was going to put a medium butt plug in to help me relax, but it slid in so easy i decided against it.

my short black dress was next, followed by my wig and jewellery.

a couple of text messages to/from him and i was ready.

i knew he loved babydoll nighties, and i had bought one for the meet, so i hung it at the back of the toilet door, with a pair of hold up stockings and the matching g-string.

i was just about to put my shoes on, when i snagged my stockings (a silk pair from ann summers).  luckily i had bought a spare pair that day (as well as the hold ups) and quickly changed.

I dimmed the lights, put the condoms next to the bed and did a quick tidy up.  i was ready with about a minute to spare when there was a knock at the door.......

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