Sunday, December 23, 2012

the email exchange 1

So on with the story...
this is a copy of the emails we sent each other prior to meeting.  I am the pink one if you hadn't guessed.....

i was hoping to set a really flirty and sexy mood for when we met.

15th December 2012
hows my number 1 wife
missing my husband terribly
missing my bedmate too
since we last spoke, i have changed my hairstyle. i hope it does not put you off me. i want you ON me, not off me
xxxx (sent with pic)
you look gorgeous my wife
thanks, but i knew you would say that - you kust want to get into my knickers
no its important that husbands compliment their wife. getting into their knickers is a husbands right
only after one thing though!!
 no not at all. wives call the shots as far as sex is involved. the praise was genuine
ohh thanks, you certainly know how to charm a girl - i am putty in your hands, and i would do ANYTHING you wanted....
just name it
well as my wife its your duty to please me
i could please you by turning the Tv over to sport, or by washing your clothes and cooking for you, but is that what you want?
amongst other things yes, but being a whore in our marital bed is the priority
now you are talking!!
compliment me again and you will another picture!
as well as looking a million dollars my wife needs to act as a 20 dollar whore
would you pay $20 for this? (sent with pic)
maybe $10 whore
if you treat me well, the first one will be free!
doubt it theres always a catch with you hookers
you are right, if you treat me right, the first one would be free, but the second one would cost you nothing!
make me scream and the first 100 will be free
think your pimp wont be happy
you could buy out my contract?
i will pay you back in sex
will need to sample the goods 1st before i hand over any cash
i also want to know if i will like the taste
of what my dear???
of your kiss, your sweat, your cock and your cum
i want to taste them all
and i want to taste your vagina susan
you can, and you will!!
i know our schedules seem to be preventing us from meeting, but ithink i may be able to do something on chritmas eve morning?
sorry am working. am free next tuesday and wednesday evening
i might be able to swing something next tuesday night. is that possible?
yes but will have to be hotel meet
that would be ok by me. han hotel would give us both chance to relax a little more.
true. you choose the hotel then
could you make the travelodge at ******?
bit far out i am central ******
i don;t know many hotels around ******. i will have a look and get back to you.
goig to wish you good night now.
please think of me when you get into bed!
think wife no2 wants sex am i allowed its up to you
Of course you can.a man has needs and I am not there to take care of them, so I have no problem is someone else does.
I hope she treats you well, and that you will save your best for me - you will need it !
Lovely to talk to you again, missing you loads.
thought it was bedtime
hoping you might be jealous baby
I am very jealous, but understand your needs.
You wouldn't get much sleep if I was with you.
no worries i have told her no

Thank you for that, I am glad you are faithful to me.
I need to reward you for that. New lingerie needed before we meet
yes faithful to you. lingerie pic from you???
Ok, go on then. A pic of me in some frilly knickers ready for you....(sent with pic)
they look like adult baby knickers
Maybe a bit, but they are just frilly slinky knickers with a rear hole.....
My only other lingerie pic on here you have seen before (sent with pic)
love the baby nixs
They wouldn't be on long though with you about
so true my wife very kinky
I will bring them along, but I have other lingerie in mind for you
go on wife
Stockings and thong underneath my dress.
Maybe change into a baby doll later
you tease. check for a hotel my wife
I will, but I am having too much fun teasing you.
Is your cock hard yet?
you know it is my bitch
I would have my red lips around it before you got it out of your pants
you are a slut susan
More compliments will only make me more horny for you
think you will need a wedding dress too. another pic please
My dream wedding would be followed by all yours dreams coming true later that night!
Last photo and post tonight.
Missing you. Whisper my name when you next cum....
Xx (sent with pic)
when i next cum it will be in you my darling. you are my true wife now

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