Sunday, December 16, 2012

new dress for christmas

As you may know i have been shopping mad lately.  since i last wrote i have bought at least 12 pairs of panties (everyday panties for work etc) and some bits of make-up.

however today, for the first time ever i was seduced by an advert on the internet.  you know when an advert appears at the side of your email or a webpage etc.  i usually ignore them, but today in a sissy state i could not resist.

The advert was for "Very", a clothes catalogue in the UK, and the piece was a long dress.  i just fell in love with it.  i checked the sizings and if the sizes are correct it should fit me like a glove (or dress!)

i thought about it for a while, before finally i could wait no more.

i think it is quite sexy, but quite demure / glamourous as well.

i have bought it with a special occasion in mind, but the news about that will have to wait....

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