Sunday, November 18, 2012

Feeling manly. Aaarrghhh....

I can't believe that I am feeling so "male" today. I have immersed myself in everything girly.

I have painted my fingernails clear.
I have only watched girly tv
I have only listened to girly pop music
I have not cum in over 18 days

But I just do not feel girly.  I have found myself looking at women's boobs, ass and legs when I know I shouldn't be.  I feel like I am beginning to be attracted by woman rather than wanting to be one.

I have even read sissy websites etc, but I don't seem to have a lot of interest.

In the morning I will be allowed to cum, using only one fingerone fingernails with a dildo in my pussy.  I thought I would be desperate for it, but at the moment I am not.

Maybe things will be better tomorrow.........


Happy pet said...

Susan - nothing wrong with being attracted by women and wanting to become one at same time.


Sharon said...

Susan, I go through those stages but they don't last that long. Usually all I have do is to look at is a male getting it on with a woman using a strap on. Even though I am still somewhat in the closet whenever I go out I am wearing woman's undergarments and will always wear perfume.