Monday, November 12, 2012

shoes shoes shoes

i have always liked the look of high heels, even when i was pretending to be a man and watching girls walk in them was just so sexy.  as a man i was very much a "leg and bum" man, and i didn't really understand the fascination with boobs.  seeing a girl in high heels and a little skirt, the way she walked, the way the shoes made her legs look longer and the way she wiggled her bum was a big turn on for me.

now, though as i have grown into the sissy i am, the shoes have been important.  i own 2 pairs of heels, some ankle boots with heels and a pair of ballet flats.  the photos attached here are of some of the cute shoes that i have seen and that i think would fabulous in my wardrobe.

i have always seemed to manage with this many shoes, as usually i turn to my trusty 4" stilettos that seem to go with any outfit i wear!  i suspect that this is because i usually lean towards what you may describe as more slutty clothes.  i am sure you know what i mean!

however as my sissy hormones appear to be in overdrive at the moment, i find my self inexplicably drawn towards shoes.  and more shoes.  i am really enjoying looking at pictures of them, telling myself which ones i think are cute and which ones would suit the dresses / skirts that i have or what i would love to wear to an occasion (e.g. a wedding / formal party etc)

thinking of shoes and the wanting of shoes is currently number one topic in my sissy mind, very closely followed by make-up and how to do it / what colours are used.

when i see a girl i look at her eye make-up first and try to make a note how she has done it, secondly i look at her shoes, to see if they are something that i would wear, or whether i know of a pair that would suit the outfit better.

i am going on a site a visit today, and hopefully where i am going will have some camel platform heels in my size.  hopefully my necessity to buy shoes will be realised today.

the shoes i am after are very similar to Catherine Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton)'s favourite Nude LK Bennet Sledge Pumps.  you can tell i am still keeping up with fashion if i can name a celebrity's favourite shoes!!

one other thing i will add is that i just love Catherine's style and clothes - i guess that is what been a princess is all about!

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