Tuesday, November 13, 2012

shoes shoes shoes part 2

well i went to do my site visit and i didn't buy a pair a shoes.

i bought two pairs of shoes!!

i have only tried them for a little time, but enough to know i am going to like them.

i was not dressed feminine in any way, except for wearing panties and an unpadded bra. i had a good look around the woman's department of the store, looking at dresses and trousers (there wasn't anything that really turned my eye) before i settled down and went shoe shopping.

i found the camel / nude pumps first but the first location did not have my size (i am a size 9 in male shoes, so i knew it should be difficult).  a look at the second location also turned up a blank, but i did try on some size 8 while wearing 2 pairs of socks (i wear these for my safety boots).  the pumps were tight but i thought i may get away with it. i had a think about it, then put them back.

i then saw some peep toe pumps with a 5.5" heel. and they had my size.  tried them with 2 pairs of socks and they fitted nicely.

it then struck me that i had 2 pairs of socks on, and that maybe the other pumps in size 8 would fit with one pair of socks.  i tried it again, and they did. fit quite snugly.  tried them both on and stood in the store a little admiring them.
there were a few women who came past and looked at the shoes / me, but i was too engrossed in my shoe shopping.  i think if a bomb went off i wouldn't have noticed.  the nude / camel pumps only have a 4.5" heel, but i think they will be fun.

now i was in sissy delirium and decided that i wanted some costume jewellery, so went and added a set of bracelet, necklace and earrings to my basket.  i don't think i will wear the earrings though as i don't have pierced ears.

still on a high i went to check the christmas gift section and noticed an eye shadow set for a very reasonable £2.  bargain, into the basket it went.

next stop was the make-up isles, but i didn't really see anything i wanted, however i did but some foundation powder, after trying a couple of sample colours.  hopefully i have picked the right shade.  i should now be able to set my foundation properly.

i couldn't see anything else, so started to head for the exit.  i did however notice several men have a second look when they saw what was in my basket!

i thought about a self checkout, but what fun would that be?  so i joined a queue at in a quiet area. There were about 3 in front of me, and at least two behind me when I reached the checkout. I never noticed whether the woman behind me saw what was in my basket, but if she did, she made no comment. The lady on the checkout was about 50yrs old and scanned my items and handed them to me to pack in bags. After I had paid by credit card, she slowly handed me the receipt and gave me THE look that said “I know these are all for you, sissy”, with a little wry smile. I proudly smiled back and said thanks, hope fully portraying the “ I know you know that these are for me, I am a sissy!”.

Anyway they had to be for me didn’t they? How many real woman would buy two pairs of heels in two different colours at the same time, along with some makeup and jewellery?

I proudly carried the bags out of the store and to the car. As some of you sissys know, when you have something like that at the side of you, you just cannot wait to try them on again.

As the black pumps were a kind of velvet, and it was wet/raining I decided on trying on the nude pumps and walking a lap of the car. This I did, and they seemed very comfortable, and not too high. Maybe my heel practice is working, although I cannot say how ladylike I looked!

Can’t wait to get some real time to wear them both for some extended periods or for some dancing.


quick update to the above - i have tried them both on and they fit fantastic.  the nude ones are a little tight, but not much.
the black ones have a 1" platform and a 5.5" heel, and they make my legs and ass look awesome!!!!

i am definately getting better at shopping.  hopefully tomorrow i will have a bit of time to dress and put on a full outfit and do my hair and make-up.  sooo giddy i can't wait. xx

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Happy pet said...

Go gurl, sounds like you have been having fun with the plastic! i used to hate shopping but now i too adore it.