Wednesday, November 07, 2012

stress and my new hair

i should be stressed out, but i am not.

we recently got some bad news at work where we had lost a major contract, meaning that from 1st Jan 2013 there would be some redundancies.  I was a bit worried as i always felt that my department was overstaffed without this.  i was the last one in, and didn't do much during the week.

However, my boss managed to get another job and left 2 weeks ago.  I was promoted to his position, over someone who had done the job at the company for over 5 years.  so all good news so far, especially with a bit more money and a feeling of more security.

however this week as been extremely busy and just the two of us have loads of jobs to get out before friday.  to add to this i am going on a site visit to bristol tomorrow which means i won't be in at all.  but i feel so calm, unfazed by all of this.

to let you all into a little secret, i have decided to to add to my girlyness i would re-start having my period.  i will document more on this in another post.  suffice to say i have just finished my period, and i have not touched my clit for 7 days except to clean.

i feel really girly.

i could feel some stress building up, but i had a site audit to do last night which meant i could go into work later.  instead of sleeping in, i used the time to dress up and take some pictures.  i think this dressing up has really helped my stress levels, i am so calm now you wouldn't believe it!!

i just love been a girl.

anyway, onto the pictures.  as requested (!!!!) here are some pics of me in my new wig that i so in love with.  i can't stop playing with it when i wear it.

need to make my hips bigger

like this one

a bit tarty, unintentionally flashing my panties!

a close up (don't be scared)

not a bad one

ok, but i am stood too stiff

like this one, but need hips again

i also could not find my tripod, so the photos were a bit similar.  but i did manage to take a few in the mirror - i have seen many girls on the internet / facebook / twitter do this so i am just copying them!

i am not too happy about my make-up or the poses.  i tried following a make-up advice youtube video, but realised that i just don't have enough / or the right type of make up required.  i did try to save the look, but i was not entirely happy with it.  i need to work on my make-up skills.  guess what this sissy is getting herself for christmas!

i don't think that i got any decent girly poses.  i don't think i look too happy (especially after telling a fellow sissy to smile more in the photo's!!) but i am.

anyway, one more thing - i am planning to drive to bristol dressed en femme, so should be fun.  if i get time i will post what my plans are / give a report.


Anonymous said...

You look smashing !

susanrhodes said...

oh thanks michelle for your knid words.

as i have said the photos are not the best, i have looked better, and i will look better! i am sure that when i get the make-up and poses right i will look quite convincing.

maybe some man might get lucky!


Happy pet said...


You beat me hands down in the smiling stakes, will try to take a leaf from your book next time!

Good news about the job, must be a relief.